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Ask Engadget: Pentax K10D, Nikon D80 or what? (Engadget)

Sep 6th 2007 9:38PM I own a D80 and love it, IMHO the build quality is what really differentiates it from the Canon 400, side by side the Nikon feels better. Featurewise they are very similar. I bought it with the 18-135 kit lens and find it to be a very versatile lens, I also have an 80-200 2.8, and a 50mm 1.4 which is brilliant for low light photography in low light without using the flash. All of the cameras will take brilliant pictures, but remember your lenses will last a lifetime and you'll be changing the body in a few years, so they are the real investment.

Tcritic launches TDigger (Download Squad)

Apr 25th 2007 7:56PM Ok, I've fixed the title link issue, now if you're looking at the actual story page the main link goes to the external site.



Tcritic launches TDigger (Download Squad)

Apr 22nd 2007 12:07AM Hey David, thanks for the great write up, really appreciate it. Just wanted to let you know the image upload and lightbox implimentation is built into an image upload module for pligg. Also another interesting feature is users can put their own adsense code in their profile which means their adsense block will show up next to their submissions, making sure in the future the top users will actually get compensated, and that's an out of the box feature on pligg.