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Microsoft Adaptive Keyboard prototype debuts at center of UIST Student Innovation Contest (Engadget)

Aug 12th 2010 4:25PM @Darkroom I was also going to suggest the HP Elite. It's not quite in the same level of thinness, but for $20, you can't go wrong with a Microsoft Comfort Curve 2000.

Engadget Podcast 204: Q&A Bonanza - 07.09.2010 (Engadget)

Jul 10th 2010 12:27PM @Eli superflush There is definitely something strange happening; I use gPodder and it's not pulling down the episode, even though it's definitely now in the RSS feed. (gPodder is open-source, so Google Listen may share some of its code.)

Firefox 4 Beta 1 now available for download (Engadget)

Jul 6th 2010 6:57PM @Aguiluz Memory problems of the past have been gone since version 3-3.5. According to any recent benchmark, Firefox uses significantly less memory than any of the competing browsers (though it lags in JavaScript speed).

AT&T makes sweeping changes to data plans, iPhone tethering coming at OS 4 launch (Engadget)

Jun 2nd 2010 5:38PM @redeyeskranti You're wrong. AT&T does not have significantly better network coverage than Sprint. Also, if you don't have at least a minimal texting plan, you get charged like $.30 for every message that your drunk friends send you. Most people would be insane not to at least pay $5 for the 200 msg plan. So, for the SAME price, Sprint gives you and extra 3GB of data, unlimited texting, and unlimited calling to mobile numbers. To match the value of what Sprint offers for $70 would cost over $100/month on AT&T. Even if you don't use all the extra stuff you get on Sprint, for the same price, why the heck would you get a barebones AT&T plan?

AT&T makes sweeping changes to data plans, iPhone tethering coming at OS 4 launch (Engadget)

Jun 2nd 2010 4:54AM @JonsMind I agree, but this isn't what they should be doing. They're basically lowering their caps from 5GB to 2GB, and only lowering their prices by $5. Now, if you use 5GB on your smartphone, instead of paying $30 like you used do, you'll be paying $55.

AT&T has going from tied-with-Verizon as the most expensive carrier, to the undisputed champ of expensive data.

Dell Streak's Gorilla Glass screen: torture tested for your amusement (video) (Engadget)

May 29th 2010 3:28PM @pika2000 I'm a normal* person, and my phone goes in my left pocket, my keys go in my right pocket. Why would you put both in the same pocket? [I'm actually left-handed, so I imagine a "normal" (right-handed) person would have cell on the right, keys on the left.]

Apple applies for patent to resume media playback on another device (Engadget)

May 28th 2010 3:29PM @Edobe Apple's filing specifies "a network", and goes on to state that "network" applies to any type of network (WAN, LAN, etc.). Since Media Center works over a network, it could be considered prior art. Also, Amazon Kindle and the Netflix "watch instantly" service do the same thing on different types of networks, albeit with different types of content. I'm not a lawyer, but it seems like there's a lot of prior art.

Apple applies for patent to resume media playback on another device (Engadget)

May 28th 2010 2:25PM @gasshole Considering that Windows Media Center had done this for years prior to Apple's patent filing, I'm not sure that Apple will have the final say on who gets to implement this feature. That's just one example of "prior art".

MeeGo 1.0 demoed on MSI netbook, looks shockingly stupendous (video) (Engadget)

May 27th 2010 5:58PM @Commander Data You can pretty much any version of Linux from a flash drive, including Ubuntu, which is way better than MeeGo.

JooJoo ships to actual consumers, gets dissected for good measure (Engadget)

Apr 3rd 2010 8:31PM @Prevacator It uses an Intel Atom (N270 or Z530). This was probably so it could run Linux and/or Windows with little customization.