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Creative's Zen Mozaic, X-Fi players hands-on (Engadget)

Aug 30th 2008 3:12PM don't worry.....i didn't

Windows XP goes bye bye (Download Squad)

Jul 2nd 2008 1:32AM @ alienvenom

You do realize that you can disable UAC and Aero.....right? Honestly, your anti Vista argument is weak. Try again.

Even more on Dell's Studio 1535 / 1536 and the Studio brand (Engadget)

Jun 15th 2008 6:37PM Historically, the numerical series ending in 5 will have Intel procs, whereas the 6 will feature AMD.

Wii Move uses Balance Board to confuse the hell out of us (Joystiq Nintendo)

Jun 13th 2008 10:26AM Is it just me, or does the model have ridiculously long feet?

Dell E and E Slim revealed, taking on Eee and Air in one fell swoop (Engadget)

Jun 13th 2008 1:12AM @labrats5

Couple of things. First, these slides are in no way marketing material meant for consumers. These are leaked internal slides meant to educate employees on the upcoming products.

What they mean by 3 minute web experience is purely market research. The average amount of time a user accesses the internet on a mobile phone device is around three minutes, compared to a 30 minute average for a portable computer.

They are not blatantly bashing other products, they are simply comparing their product to others on the market, including their own line of full featured laptops, to point out strengths/weaknesses between the platforms.

Wii Fanswag: Win a copy of The Spiderwick Chronicles (Joystiq Nintendo)

Feb 14th 2008 11:43AM My favorite fantasy stories are of the user submitted kind that can only be read in Penthouse.

Wii Fanswag: No More Heroes (Joystiq Nintendo)

Jan 28th 2008 9:22PM The Hoff is my hero!

CES 2008 ultimate swag bag giveaway: like a Xmas stocking in January (Engadget)

Jan 11th 2008 9:47AM If I don't win I'd settle for a post card that reads "Wish you were here".

Dell XPS One reviewed (Engadget)

Nov 17th 2007 9:57PM Okay......seriously pictures cannot speak for this system. The design is awesome (yes, I have seen this system in person). In person, you cannot see the speakers behind the grill. Second....this system was never built/marketed to be a gaming machine....come on...what serious gamer would even want a system that they can not easily upgrade? This is purely a multimedia machine...and I have to tell does it with perfection! You will never know by watching a Blu-Ray movie on this machine that it is not 1080p. This is coming from an avid HD viewer. This thing is sexy as hell in person. And regarding the video card...this has only a 200 watt power supply...not only to keep size down but also weight. So an 8xxx series video card is almost out of the question. So I guess my ultimate point is...don't knock a system until you've used it hands on..... P.S. after all....there really is no "universally perfect computer" there?