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Switched On: Kin's seven deadly sins (Engadget)

Jul 5th 2010 8:52PM The only reason I've been reading these Kin articles is to see they pay homage to the Courier.

Oh, Courier... My first and only love.

German researchers develop biotech sensor bracelet, disposable blood lab (Engadget)

Apr 21st 2010 12:13AM "diagnose deep vein thrombosis from a single drop of blood, as well as a wristband that can measure body temperature, skin moisture and electromagnetic radiation"

You know, I didn't dig too deep into the above links, and I know that this is marketing on their part, but I don't know who will bother with this, clinically speaking. You're going to draw other labs anyway, so adding a d-dimer is no big deal. Besides, you're probably not going to diagnose DVT/PE on blood alone, so I don't see how this changes anything (except general tech advances and future potential, perhaps).

Temp? Don't need a wristband for that. Skin moisture? ...? Electomagnetic radiation? Perhaps, but that's an awfully big category.

Cool Leaf input devices create the keyboard of the future circa 1982 (Engadget)

Mar 4th 2010 11:53AM @tordall

No! No medical application, please :) I'd HATE to use this at work, as we use EMR now. Besides, between good hand washing habits, disposable gloves, and common sense sterile technique our bases are covered.

Engadget giveaway: win a huge box of stuff from Josh's office! (Engadget)

Mar 4th 2010 1:14AM Red stapler, red stapler...

New robotic system could let surgeons operate on a beating heart (Engadget)

Dec 11th 2009 11:45PM Most surgeons I know think the Da Vinci is overrated. The learning curve is huge (seemingly more than with other technologies) and the benefits don't quite seem worth it. Urology & Gyn get the most use out of it. It's more of a marketing tool in my area than anything else.

Engadget's back to school giveaway, part 3! (Engadget)

Sep 14th 2009 9:28AM yes please

Engadget's back to school giveaway, part one! (Engadget)

Sep 2nd 2009 7:58PM Oh, please please :)

Five apps for the stoner and stoner at heart (Download Squad)

Aug 15th 2009 11:34PM John, I wish your post had been written in the same tone as your reply! There was some subtle sarcasm here and there, but it felt more like a quick recap of marijuana apps than social commentary. The logic behind banning a dictionary while approving reefer apps is very questionable, I absolutely agree. Anyways, sorry for the douche-bag post above. Thanks for the thoughtful reply.

Five apps for the stoner and stoner at heart (Download Squad)

Aug 15th 2009 11:12PM Well, 2 quotes from 3 years ago hardly account for "a non-insignificant amount of time", but I'll respond nonetheless.

Link #1) I was over the top, you're right.
Link #2) Needs context, wasn't a blanket statement. Have changed my views a bit in the last 3 years, but not a lot.

Next time I won't be a prick and actually add some substance to my criticism. Perhaps I'm just tired of so many tech blogs singing the praises of pr0n, torrents, and drugs while decrying any type of rule/regulation by a government as the unforgivable sin (hyperbole acknowledged). I'll read your reply, but will likely stop reading DLS afterwards.