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Windows XP SP3 leaked (Download Squad)

Aug 10th 2007 1:55AM This was written in a very light-hearted tone that perhaps wasn't properly conveyed. I apologize for that. David is right, I do in fact use Windows and am very happy with it. But come on, it's always fun to take some shots at Microsoft. It's all in good fun. Except the magician comment. His picture does really look like it could be a bad magician's headshot.

Thumbstrips: remember where you've been (Download Squad)

Jul 13th 2007 2:46PM "whoever write this article is a noob :)"

Best. Comment. Ever.

Lawsuit brought upon an avatar in Second Life (Download Squad)

Jul 6th 2007 8:21AM Ah, but here's the kicker. The warning doesn't just say that it contains nuts. The jar of roasted peanuts has a warning tha says it contains peanuts. I'm sorry, that's funny.

Canadian web applications looking strong (Download Squad)

Jun 28th 2007 12:24PM Hm. Seems this garnered a little more animosity than anticipated. A couple of things. First and foremost, I'm actually Canadian, and this was more a light hearted jab at the stereotypical jokes that occasionally get thrown from the US to Canada, and nothing more.
Secondly, for Sinzen, "Sure they may be ignorant, and they may be the minority, but they are still people" was in reference to those people who automatically assume that anything tech that comes from Canada must be inferior, and not about Canadians themselves.
I apologize to anyone who took offense to this, the point was just a fun post to show a link to some solid web apps that you may not have heard of, nothing more.