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HipChat is a new private chat service for companies and teams (Download Squad)

Feb 1st 2010 12:37AM I just don't see internal chat being a good thing to farm out to a 3rd party, especially when the companies that would have the most use for such a forum are the most likely to already have (and pay for!) the infrastructure to support something installed.

I've been writing this application, which does exactly that: http://www.screencast.com/t/ZmZjOTc5

TonidoPlug unboxing and first look gallery: your own private cloud-in-a-plug (Download Squad)

Sep 7th 2009 9:19AM If this is built on Ubuntu, isn't there a download somewhere? I wonder if I could put this on a flash drive and boot an old PC with it. The interface seems nice enough for the rest of the family to use.

Ask DLS: Do drag-and-drop associations work on your Windows 7? (Download Squad)

Feb 10th 2009 5:22PM In Vista you can right-drag a file onto a program's quick launch icon to open the file with that program. I would expect the same is true in 7. It also provides a context-menu when you do so, so I suppose there is room for a new option to associate the dragged file type to that program.

Fugly Friday, a new Download Squad series (Download Squad)

Feb 1st 2009 4:04PM If you take a look on the iTunes App Store, you'll see at least one atrocious design, if you're using Windows -- The iTunes App itself.

Windows applications should use Windows chrome, not hacked-in slow-to-function Apple chrome.

Ask DLS: Vista SP2 Beta released: Does the public care? (Download Squad)

Dec 3rd 2008 9:08AM I'm really confused by the media trash talk about Vista. I've been running Ultimate 64 for over a year, and it purrs.

Yes, you have to sort out your hardware and make sure your vendors provide good drivers, and until you use hardware that's certified for that purpose, expect it not to work or to cause problems. Especially expect issues if you try to hack around Vista's protections and use hardware that's not certified just because you think you should be able to.

Yes, when everyone complains that Windows isn't secure, you need to put up with Microsoft's response in UAC, which is a fantastic step in the right direction. After agreeing to a few annoying prompts during your first week of application installs, you only really see it when it's important to know it's happening.

Sure, there are other weird issues, ones that are easily livable, but I expect that's what the service packs are designed to affect. I suspect that the primary reason that Vista has such a bad image is because the media focuses on the perceived problems and not their causes.

Head-to-head smackdown: Live Writer versus Ecto (Download Squad)

Oct 12th 2007 8:52PM Did you mention what technologies (Metaweblog? Atom Publishing Protocol?) these tools support? The review isn't worth much if the tools reviewed don't work with my blog software.

ScribeFire - A Firefox add-on and a blogger's friend or foe? (Download Squad)

Apr 24th 2007 9:26PM It's a foe, obviously. It doesn't support true Atom publishing protocol except as blogspot uses, and so it won't connect to any blog application that uses this more modern and well-documented standard.

120 things you don't know about Photoshop (Download Squad)

Apr 10th 2007 3:47PM Have you ever considered that "hidden" functionality in Photoshop has about the same usefulness as "hidden" functionality in Word? You don't need it, so why is it there? And more importatnly, why did you pay for it?

My opinion that Photoshop is a sorely abused program that was never designed to do what people most often use it for has not wavered, nor has my belief that a lightweight, directed application that does graphic design better than Photoshop is right around the corner, ready to kill Adobe while it sleeps.