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Weather app uses notifications to display info on home screen (

Apr 13th 2011 2:33PM Weather Icon is still a much better idea for the smart people who jailbreak their phone.

New Firefox Nightly and Aurora logos unearthed, and how to enable channel switching (Download Squad)

Apr 11th 2011 9:33AM looking forward to new Firefox testing soon ...always fun to see the new features pop up in nightly builds.

The coolest kindergarten ever: iPad 2s for everyone (

Apr 9th 2011 7:34AM What a joke -- in a time when we can barely even employ teachers. That's just a shameful waste of money.

Apple orders iCab iOS browser to cripple JavaScript modules (Download Squad)

Apr 8th 2011 8:15AM typical Apple BS. Time to find a new platform.

Best Buy pulls ad that makes fun of iPad (

Apr 8th 2011 8:04AM god forbid someone criticize Apple...I know, what a strange idea.

iAd Gallery breaks App Store guidelines - so what? (

Apr 7th 2011 10:17AM Typical Apple bulls**t hypocrisy -- that's why it's important. Apple creates BS rules and then gets to ignore them when it benefits them. Yep, that's fair. Further evidence Apple is evil.

Toyota pulls Cydia theme and ads to appease Apple (Download Squad)

Apr 6th 2011 8:34AM Shocking -- Apple being a bunch of greedy bastards. Can't say I'm surprised. They are turning into a really sketchy company.

Apple asks Toyota to remove jailbreak store advertising (

Apr 6th 2011 8:31AM Typical Apple. Can't say I'm surprised. Apple is hard at work trying to stay as rich as humanly possible. Greedy bastards.

Get free access during April with At Bat app (Download Squad)

Apr 4th 2011 9:09AM's charges are ridiculous. They should charge $60 for the season -- THAT would be reasonable, but $100/$120 is just stupid.

Amazon launches 'cloud locker' music service (

Mar 30th 2011 11:04AM This is in the best interest of the music labels -- it actively encourages people to purchase new music (much faster than uploading music and it doesn't count toward your storage allocation). The music labels would be stupid not to go with this though I'm sure they aren't pleased to be forced into this situation. I have absolutely ZERO sympathy for those a**holes though to be perfectly honest, they all deserve the worst things in the world.