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Opel removes governor on Insignia OPC 'Unlimited', runs to 168 mph (Autoblog)

Apr 15th 2011 3:38PM The 2.8L V6 turbo engine uses older technology and has far more emissions and gets less mpg than GM's newer range of V6s. That's why it isn't used here anymore.

Apple asks Toyota to quit advertising on jailbroken iPhones (Autoblog)

Apr 7th 2011 2:00PM Chris Shunk,

I think you need to rewrite your piece.

There is nothing seedy, or illegal, in jailbreaking an iphone. It is 100% legal. Similar re apps writen for jailbroken iphones.

What IS seedy is Apple insisting and leaning on major companies, like Toyota, that apps for an iphone may ONLY be sold thru Apple's itunes/app store, so that Apple can cream off 30% of the revenue. That's MAJOR LEAGUE SEEDY. Apple's business practise raises the prices paid for apps to the consumer.
I believe that Google charges 10% for apps to therir phones, that's more within reasonable boundaries.

Top Gear presents its side of story about Tesla Roadster [w/video] (Autoblog)

Apr 4th 2011 4:07PM Well in the UK all you do is stop at any electrical outlet and juice up from the standard 240 Volt powerline. You will soon have more power in the batteries.

Top Gear presents its side of story about Tesla Roadster [w/video] (Autoblog)

Apr 4th 2011 3:50PM I don't recall an ep of TG in which they flog any petrol engined car sports car around a race track and then complain about the mileage on track and show people pushing the petrol engined car to a pump!

Mercedes-Benz: U.S. fuel too dirty for next-gen efficient engines (Autoblog)

Mar 17th 2011 2:02PM The them versus us issue on fuel is always a moving target. I recall the USA introduced unleaded fuel MANY years b4 Europe bothered. I remember most USA States mandating rubber collars on refueling hoses while Europe never bothered. So for now US fuel has a little more sulphur... It's swings and roundabouts. Similarly the USA has mandated higher fuel mileage averages for manufacturers within a few years way aboue Europe's targets.
So it isn't a simple case of the USA always being behind.

Both MB and BMW know they have problems reaching the new CAFE regs in the US and they are running scared. US manufacturers meantime are just buckling down and developing engines which will meet the targets for mileage and emissions.

A few years ago my MB had a major problem with its cataytic converters and I found the supply in the USA was zero. Seems that many German manufacturers were using the same converter and they were all going bad and new supplies were almost unobtainable for 3-4 months while the "prroblem" was being "fixed". Suggested to me that German manufacturers were having a major engine problem then and seems they still are. As manufacturers they cannot make or influence CAFE or fuel standards, but they like all other manufacturers have to meet emissions, or stop selling cars. Simply put they appear to be falling behind in technlogical development of cleaner engines as opposed to other world manufacturers.... Building a nice engine for only one market is a recipe for failure and they know it.

BMW: 1 Series M Coupe's main competitor is... a used M3? (Autoblog)

Jan 13th 2011 5:19PM BMW are tripping over themselves, finally.
Both the 1 and 3 are beaten effectively on a performance standard by a Mustang GT with no tweaks..... That really shows how difficult it s for German manufacturers these days and how much Ford has improved.

Then the 1 versus the 3 and reading the BMW words of wisdom is a laugh, IMHO. Basically they did not want the 1 series car to beat the pants (and cost less) off the 3 series so they dropped in a bog standard turbo motor (a nice motor I agree). The remedy for the new 1 series owners is the aftermarket chip for less than a grand and another 50+ horses make the one serries both an M3 beater and a car to frighten Porsche. I am 100% sure that BMW dealers will ease that transaction for owners on the QT;)

BMW get you act together and produce the best car with the rght engine. After all the 1 series is 2402 lbs lighter and can handle another 500 horses oh so easilly.

Tim Kang of 'The Mentalist' Is Not Just Another Cho (AOL TV)

Jan 6th 2011 2:54PM Tim plays this character beutifullly. With depth and great deadpan humor! Some of the one liners he gives really have be rollig in laughter, they are so unexpected. He's right about the banter with Owains' Rigsby character. The two play opposites in many ways but clearly they are friends (even though the characters would admit it) and lok after each other's back.

All-in-all this is a very goood and innovative series with excellent acting. Jys dont' over play the Red John thing that can bet tired.

What's On Tonight: 'V,' 'Live to Dance,' 'Fashion Show,' 'Sugar Bowl,' 'Chopped' (AOL TV)

Jan 4th 2011 1:10PM What no mention that the last 5 eps of Caprica are on SyFy from 6:00 p.m. today???

TIVO users note that SyFy "kindly" tags them (utter disregard for viewers) with the original supposed air dates (they were pulled). Thus TIVOs think they are repeats and may not record them. So set TIVOs manually.

Ferrari's Montezemolo blasts "pathetic" four-cylinder engine formula? (Autoblog)

Jan 3rd 2011 6:50PM F1 technically is all messed up. Each and every year they announce considerable technical changes to the cars and this causes massive development monies to be spent and then next year there is 50% change the prior change will be eliminated and they go in another direction.
Here are the areas F1 neds to concentrate on:

1) Make the tech specs more relevant to road car research
2) Expand the nrakng zones to allow more overtaking opportunities
3) Increase power to challenge the drivers
4) Reduce down force to make the cars more difficultto drive in corners and put a premium back on talent.
5) Reduce dirty air

With regard to engines it's OK to morph to less cylinders ONLY is the research done helps manufacturers develop better engines for road cars. Chage for change or to appear more like a road car is silly.

With regards to brakes they should throw away all the exotic materials and go back to steel brakes like road cars. Increases the length of braking zones, increases overtaking possibilities and makes research for road cars a possibility.

Video: What should Alex Roy's next car be? (Autoblog)

Dec 31st 2010 9:45AM Infinity G35x
Cadillac CTS AWD (even an STS AWD)
Honda Crosstour AWD (excellent for LA's roads and slightly elevated driving position and unbeloved so deals abound)

Good luck with the hunt Alex.