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Welcome to the new DownloadSquad (Download Squad)

Nov 22nd 2010 9:12PM Nice job :D

I like the new "clean" design.

Will Windows 7 boot faster than Vista? Don't bet on it (Download Squad)

Oct 11th 2009 8:37AM I had Vista originally on my laptop, than I installed Win 7 beta, and now I have RC until I pick up my copy when Win7 is released.

Even in the beta stages it was much faster than Vista. Now in RC it's about 1/3 (33%) faster...

PS: And I updated Vista to Win7, I didn't do a clean install, so I guess it could be even faster

Tell DLS: What are your Top 10 Web Apps? (Download Squad)

Sep 28th 2009 6:32PM 1.Twitter (I visit the site once a month, but have tweetdeck "on" all the time)
2. Facebook
3. Flickr (paid)
4. Gmail
5. Posterous
6. Greader (via Feedly)
7. Drop.io
8. google docs
9. Google Maps or OVI Maps
10. Youtube

Nokia X6 confirmed to sport a capacitive display, we can finally exhale (Engadget)

Sep 3rd 2009 9:19AM Yes!! Completly agree with you :)

How would you change Nokia's 5800 XpressMusic? (Engadget)

May 7th 2009 10:09AM I own a Nokia 5800, and what I think would make this phone perfect is just 2 things. Widgets on the home screen (it has a lot of free space that could be used more effectively) and not so important, implement kinetic scrolling

Four ways to start torrent downloads remotely (Download Squad)

Apr 20th 2009 10:00AM I've used uTorrent's WebUI for about 1 year now and it work's great :)

Skimmer: 5 social sites in one, on Adobe Air (Download Squad)

Mar 25th 2009 2:48PM Yeah I use it now occasionally... I would use it all the time if it had more twitter options (settings) and didn't crash every 10 minutes :(

Caption Contest: Opel Corsa Southfield MI Edition (Autoblog)

Mar 19th 2009 7:49PM The global crisis is affecting all "sectors" !!