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Spotify denies talks with Apple (TUAW.com)

Oct 27th 2010 2:46PM Spotify isn't UK based, it is Swedish.

Did you catch that? Event livestream is Mac and iOS only (TUAW.com)

Sep 1st 2010 6:56AM Wouldn't this also be a way of making sure people are interacting with their Apple devices during the presentation? I mean, if they announce new software then you can go get it straight away, and if it is new hardware you'll see the new one and instantly compare it to your current device. Think:
Steve: "Here's the new iPod Touch!"
Buyer: "Oh! Shiny! Wait... My two months old Touch looks pretty crap now, maybe I should get that..."

Apple's temptation to overuse iAds (TUAW.com)

Apr 16th 2010 4:55PM Damnit, should've been "I'm fairly certain iAds will Never make it into Apple's own products..."

Apple's temptation to overuse iAds (TUAW.com)

Apr 16th 2010 4:53PM Thing is, Apple is a "premium" company, they sell higher quality products at a higher profit margin to people who can afford it. Putting iAds in every product they have and slashing the prices would remove that unique selling point, not to mention the effect it will have on their brand.

I'm fairly certain iAds will ever make it into Apple's own products, but it will definitely be heavily promoted for apps. Which, in a way is not a bad idea because it will generate a lot more apps and reduce the cost to customers. For example, one of my problems with the iPad is I'm going to have to spend an additional £100 to upgrade all my apps from iPhone to iPad. If I can do it for free but live with -good- adverts, then I'd be alright with it.

Eight months in a Swedish prison for drunk Ryanair passenger (Gadling)

Nov 8th 2009 10:29AM I'd take Mythbusters with a grain of salt, it is a fun show to watch but often they are just plain wrong in their conclusions. In fact there is a well known accident where an air hostess was sucked out through a gap in the fuselage.

From http://aviation-safety.net/database/record.php?id=19880428-0:
"According to passenger observations, the flight attendant was immediately swept out of the cabin through a hole in the left side of the fuselage."

Why people aren't flying. (Hint: It's not just the fares) (Gadling)

Oct 23rd 2009 1:10PM Seems like Ryanair and the idea of low cost operators really killed the airline industry. I wonder if people would've been so excited about Ryanair if they knew how it would affect the industry 10 years down the line.

Tuesday Travel Trivia (Week 49) (Gadling)

Oct 6th 2009 6:33PM Can anyone explain how Mt. Chimborazo is the point furthest from the centre of the earth?

Harnessing Honduras: the Central American underdog (Gadling)

Jun 28th 2009 10:22PM Interesting, looking forward to this one.

I was just about to book a trip to go back to Honduras when I heard about the coup. How has it affected the country? Has the country completely shut down or are things pretty much back to normal now?

Seven injured as Qantas Airbus slams passengers into the ceiling (Gadling)

Jun 22nd 2009 5:57PM Wow, Qantas is having a really rough time right now. How many incidents have they had in the past 12 months? 9-10? And Airbus isn't doing much better with two, potentially three, A330s diving after hitting turbulence in just three months time.

iPhone 2.2 firmware is out, with Street View and podcasts (Download Squad)

Nov 21st 2008 12:19PM Nice update indeed, although I can't for the life of me figure out how to activate Street View!
Safari seems a lot faster and smoother, no more lags or crasches when browsing, but I'm not at all sold on the new address bar and search bar in one. What happened to usability Apple? Now the address bar doesn't show any useful info at all and the stop/reload button has been crammed in about 2/3 from the screen edge...