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SiteMeter gets a facelift - and a few other nips and tucks too (Download Squad)

Sep 15th 2008 12:13AM SiteMeter.... You're FIRED!

Official announcement regarding my retirement from blogging. (The Jason Calacanis Weblog)

Jul 12th 2008 12:47PM Yeah right.... I hope you guys remember he said he gave up blogging about a year ago. Yet another brilliant publicity stunt... ;)

Free Apple Air laptops contest (The Jason Calacanis Weblog)

Jan 23rd 2008 10:31PM You could start a pixel site... I raked in over $10k a couple years ago. Hell, I'll buy a block. Let's see... sell em for $10 a block or $25 max.

See http://www.millionpennyhomepage.com

Free Apple Air laptops contest (The Jason Calacanis Weblog)

Jan 22nd 2008 3:48PM Why don't you destroy or burn one... or perhaps spend a day destroying it, throwing it around. Make a video, put it up on YouTube and I guarantee you'll have millions of views. Be sure to watermark your URL on the video before releasing it, of course.

Remember these guys?


Relaxing Kitten (AOL Video Blog)

Sep 14th 2007 2:15PM Ha! I posted this one a few days ago... :)

Michael Vick dogfighting video... (The Jason Calacanis Weblog)

Jul 22nd 2007 8:14PM Totally agree! the NFL needs to grow a pair, kick vick in the pair and get him the F out of there! This should be a ZERO toleration situation!

I've thought it might be a good idea for someone to start an online campaign to put pressure on the NFL... perhaps something like: NukeVick.com or something

Mahalo Greenhouse Welcome Message... (The Jason Calacanis Weblog)

Jul 19th 2007 9:48PM I wonder if it is too late to apply to be a guide? I guess I could apply and find out now...couldn't I? :)

Squidoo on the next CalacanisCast (The Jason Calacanis Weblog)

Jul 9th 2007 10:36PM I'm very much looking forward to the next episode! The sooner the better! Squidoo would be a good n!

I have five iPhones to give away (The Jason Calacanis Weblog)

Jul 2nd 2007 12:35AM I vote for a photoshop contest :)