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Edit Google Docs Spreadsheets on your iPhone (Download Squad)

Feb 13th 2009 9:04AM awesomeness. This changes everything.

Dell Latitude XT2 multi-touch tablet with 11-hour battery now official (starts at $2,399) (Engadget)

Feb 10th 2009 2:54AM I better pick one up before they implement the executive salary caps.

Samsung's YP-VP1 voice recorder with VoicePix photo tagging (Engadget)

Feb 9th 2009 8:38AM Sony ICDCX50 Digital Voice Recorder and the older Olympus WS-10 both had this functionality before. Hopefully this Samsung version is a better implementation. It''s hard to take the initial review seriously when its review of the product seems to speak for everybody and makes a review of the model's hands. I would tend to agree that already having an iPhone with lots of options for recorders and a built in camera that probably does this already this device may be redundant. However, there is always something to say for a dedicated device that is the right tool for the right job. There's a certain quality and performance you get that is not present in jack of all trade devices and I am sorry to say *wink* does matter to some people.

The key thing for me for a device like this is the ease of use in transferring the data. I don't want a mini-usb for this thing. It would be just too cumbersome for me.

Caption Contest: Best Buy FTW (Engadget)

Feb 4th 2009 1:44PM Best Buy Somewhere Else!

Live from Palm's CES press conference (Engadget)

Jan 8th 2009 2:04PM The score is 4 to 1. Bottom of the ninth. 3 men on 2 outs with 2 strikes and 2 balls. Here comes the pitch...

Palm Treo Pro unboxing and hands-on at Engadget Mobile (Engadget)

Aug 20th 2008 4:12PM Is this anything other than an investment to Palm for 2009? How many phones can you buy in the space of a year no matter how good it looks?

Until you put down the money you might as well be an art lover looking at the Mona Lisa. If you did buy it you would then have to deal with the possibility of being an art collector when the next one comes out. At least with the iPhone you have the chance of getting a somewhat new phone without buying one by just upgrading the software.

I don't plan on adding this to my Palm junk pile of old devices on planet earth.

Palm's Treo Pro in the wild, probably not fake (Engadget)

Aug 15th 2008 2:53PM Phoenix, I stand corrected.You are absolutely right. I lost my head there.

I am still in a daze on how Palm has been so assimilated by their former competitor. As a fan of Palm from way back the fact that their hardware runs Windows Mobile is still hard to get over as well as them selling their OS (and buying it back again eventually). What else do you have left?

It all amounts to advertising Windows Mobile under your Moniker because you have to and giving Apple a head start that may be too much to overcome.