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YouTube app for Android gets pre-roll ads, access to Vevo's music video library (Download Squad)

Jan 14th 2011 12:49PM Pre roll ads? Okay google, guess I'll just download another YouTube app that doesn't have them... Unless it's something that isn't app-side.

I have no problem with ads, but why can't they put the ad under the video and above the video information? Why does it have to get in the way of my viewing?

I'm not watching a 30 second ad for a 15 second clip. Sorry.

The 12 best apps for your new Android device (Download Squad)

Jan 4th 2011 10:05PM Handcent is a fantastic SMS app. It allows you to password protect your SMS messages and is fully custimisable. You can choose your own fonts, styles and colours as well as have it produce a "Quick reply" popup which shows your current message in a pop-up window that you can reply to straight away. You can make the pop-up appear on a locked screen so you don't have to unlock it.

One of the main reasons I use it though is because I'm visually impaired and having more control over the size of the fonts is a huge plus for me. Slight disadvantage is that it runs a bit slower than my HTC's default SMS app but not by a huge amount.

Another app is TinyShark. It lets you access grooveshark's library without having to own a grooveshark anywhere account (like the official app does). It has the option of playing in the background but it becomes very choppy if you do this so it's not even worth trying.

I really really wish I could recommend Skype for Android but to be honest it's a piece of crap. It runs extremely slowly and makes calls very very choppy. This is on a HTC Desire HD, Even if I kill apps before launching it using an AppKiller or even if I don't use a live wallpaper it still runs slowly.

Finally, what's the point of the barcode scanner app? I never seen the point when Google Goggles does that and more...

PC vs. Mac -- Microsoft continues the war with a new website that compares Windows 7 to Mac OS X (Download Squad)

Aug 11th 2010 8:32PM Promises: I've been using windows since 98 (not as long as a lot of people) and I've never had compatibility issues. The only are mac can really say that this is true is for ME and to a lesser extent, vista.

Most self respecting IT department usually doesn't upgrade until Service Pack 1 and usually follow the developers of their applications to see if they make any posts about compatibility issues. No proper business just upgrades willy-nilly and then checks compatibility. In my old school the admin would wait a month before even applying an automatic update.

It took them a day to figure out how to install programs? Even though the installation method is exactly the same as it has always been? Insert CD, run setup.exe and boom it's done. It took them a day to figure out how to do that? Are they really that incompetent?

Validation: Yes it was criticised but to say that turning it off was opening up a major security hole. That's only true if you're an idiot who installs "super-awesome-screensaver.exe". People were so annoyed that they went back to XP? They were really that thick that they couldn't just turn it off? Turning off a feature is more time consuming than re0installing an OS.

Movies: It's defamation. Ads that actually have humour are funny. The humour in Mac's ad equates to the schoolboy joke where you point to an ugly picture in a book and saying to someone "That's you hurrrr".

Viruses: Didn't you read what I said? Most new viruses are the same as the old ones just written differently. They're blocked by default. I know plenty of Windows users who claim to not use anti-virus and have no problems.I have anti-virus but I can safely bet that without I still wouldn't get one. After all, my weekly scan for the past 6 or so years has always returned "No viruses found".

If security is an issue for you? Read this:

Box: I already told you, it isn't true. It would also seem that the people you hang with aren't capable of even installing programs, so it's no surprise to me they struggle to get a brand new PC up and running. Tell me exactly what they struggle with?

And the bundled trial-ware? Yeah if the only people you can buy a Mac from are Apple then of course you aren't gonna get trial-ware. When I got my dad a laptop it came with 2 trial apps. Oh no! I have to spend 2 minutes removing software! The horror! Then again we're talking about you friends here. The ones who take a day to install a program. This task would probably take them a week.

Also please tell me where they said "Macs don't like you stuff" I can't seem to find it. Also please tell me how they lied about touch UI.

I explained in my previous point how they WERE lies but you of course say they are again. A half truth and hyperbole is a lie. Plain and simple.

Also let's remember here that the get a mac campaign was run on TV, I'm sure this site they have created won't get much attention (apart from blogs posting about it). If you compare Macs ads were they simply anthropomorphise the PC and then proceed to take the piss out of it, compared to MS' ads were the actually show features and the general people who use a PC I think it's fair to say Microsoft Wins the TV ad debate.

You're probably wondering why I'm posting like this. I seriously don't hate mac. I prefer PC but I don't hate mac. I just hate the fan base, people like you who have nothing better to do than say "I love how better my mac is. Not because it can it can do X, Y and Z, but because it isn't Windows. Steve Jobbs tells me windows is bad."

Every time I feel like arguing these points with one of you fanboys I seriously get annoyed at myself because I keep thinking of that YouTube video with the iPhone vs HTC.

I've said all I can say.

PC vs. Mac -- Microsoft continues the war with a new website that compares Windows 7 to Mac OS X (Download Squad)

Aug 10th 2010 9:08PM

This one is basically saying that PCs are constantly getting viruses and crashing. This is also not true. The only time I ever got a virus on a PC was in 2003 when I first ever used a computer and was browsing flash games sites. I have never had a virus since because I learnt how to run anti-virus. The ad also implies that macs are immune to virus attacks. This is simply not true at all.

Also the inflated number they use in the ad is designed to make the problem look worse than it is. Most viruses copy the techniques of older viruses. So if a new virus on the block attacks a system the same way an old virus did it gets blocked before it's even discovered.


Okay let's see, you need drivers to run hardware. Well no shit. This is why macs are famous for being incompatible with hardware. They don't have the same driver support that the PC has. It also implies that the PC can't do anything without a driver. Wrong. PCs have come bundled with pre-installed drivers since 95. In fact, even if you don't have a driver disk for your new camera, printer or scanner it'll still work for you (albeit with some functions specific to that particular hardware not working) and if you don't have the driver it'll automatically find it and download it online for you. Of course, why you wouldn't have the original disk for your hardware is a bit strange.

It says "I gotta erase the trial software that came..." how is this MS fault exactly? This is what happens when you buy from brand name vendors. They make money out of that trial software put on the computer. This is also how they reduce prices and creates a competitive market. With mac's closed market you don't have competitors selling different macs for a variety of prices.

"I got a lot of manuals to read". I'm sorry but how exactly is mac any different? No matter what operating system you use you'll have to learn how it works.

Now throughout all these ads the mac is trumpeting about being better at creative stuff. I dunno about you but last time I checked the Adobe suite, Sony vegas et all work just fine on PC.

PC vs. Mac -- Microsoft continues the war with a new website that compares Windows 7 to Mac OS X (Download Squad)

Aug 10th 2010 9:08PM "Can you point to a single instance where they lied about PC's in one of the Get a Mac ads?"


In this ad Windows is made fun of using the fallacy "Chronological Snobbery". In which the advert is saying "Hey! You had problems before! so you MUST have problems with this version!" Actually there are so many fallacies from that one statement it shows how bad it is.

Mac has faults and errors too. Windows 7 by and large works extremely well so the ad is false. Windows Vista also worked extremely well, it was never MS' fault it didn't work well. Vista didn't work well because it didn't have the support of hardware and software vendors. Windows XP DIDN'T have as many problems as ME (why else would it have such a large market share if it did?) Hell I could rant for ages just about this one ad but we have more to get through.


This is a GROSS exaggeration. First of all the UAC is not that bad. Second this increased security significantly! It wasn't designed to bug the user, it was designed to make developers make programs that didn't go too deep into the kernal resulting in less applications prone to attack. The ad doesn't mention that you can turn this off. Overall this is just mac being smug.


I don't know how the fuck I'm supposed to respond to this ad. Very immature.

(continued below)

PC vs. Mac -- Microsoft continues the war with a new website that compares Windows 7 to Mac OS X (Download Squad)

Aug 10th 2010 4:30PM I love how all the mac users are coming here and using idiotic terms like "M$". First of all this makes you look like a douche, stop it.

Second, I find it funny how they are decrying what Microsoft's site is saying. Aren't they forgetting those Mac VS PC ads? Now you know how annoying it is when a company laments the lack of features a competitor has (even if what they are saying is an outright lie).

Luxand Blink now lets you use your face to log in to 64-bit Windows 7, too (Download Squad)

Aug 4th 2010 9:08AM Hahaha the fact that you went into safe mode to uninstall it and get back onto your computer is pretty funny.

Now if I ever feel like snooping on someone's computer who has this then all I have to do is uninstall it. xD

If you hated yesterday's forced-wallpapering of Google Search, you weren't alone (Download Squad)

Jun 12th 2010 1:21PM Yes, that makes perfect sense. Google are monsters for applying a few design changes. I mean, the search isn't what made them famous, it's obviously the site design.

If you hated yesterday's forced-wallpapering of Google Search, you weren't alone (Download Squad)

Jun 12th 2010 9:42AM That was meant for Zen. Stupid comments system...