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European Blur demo comes with a chance to win a BMW (Joystiq)

Aug 4th 2010 6:43AM Don't bother with this game. It's been abandoned by its developer. They are not responding to issues with the game, and they've stopped maintaining the official website for the game (stats have been broken since 7/11, for example).

Report: 2011 Volkswagen Jetta starting under $15k (Autoblog)

Jun 2nd 2010 6:12AM That is exactly the comparison I made a couple of years back when I bought my Jetta. Mazda 3 vs. Jetta. Jetta won hands down. Much better bang for buck. I priced Mazda 3 with comparable features and it came something like $2K more expensive.

Joyswag: ModNation Racers (and a PSP!) (Joystiq)

May 14th 2010 9:53PM The Formula One Monaco Grand Prix track.

'Breaking Bad' - 'Sunset' Recap (AOL TV)

Apr 26th 2010 2:10AM The last 10 minutes or so were some of the best TV I've ever seen.

I don't believe they'll actually manage to kill Hank, but I can't wait to see how they'll try and how Hank gets out of it.

Microsoft loads up 56 Achievements in Game Room (Joystiq)

Mar 19th 2010 8:39AM I think you meant: You're found a pear

MSI outs exceptionally exquisite X-Slim X420 laptop (Engadget)

Jan 19th 2010 5:22PM @dez me neither, until I bought one two weeks ago. J&R has the X320 on sale, and I've been looking for a web surfer laptop or netbook for the living room for a while.

Well worth the price, imho. The kbs is a joke, and the CPU is a little underpowered, but the screen looks great and it's more than adequate for the purpose I bought it for.

Bachelor producer fired for sleeping with contestant (AOL TV)

Jan 4th 2010 10:36PM Shocking. Absolutely shocking.

Video: Importing content from Forza 3's second disc (Joystiq)

Oct 8th 2009 10:33PM They may look pretty, but Forza 2 had some pretty awful usability problems with the menus. Stuff like way too many button clicks to go back and forth between functionality often used together (e.g. arcade free laps and car upgrades screen).

Also the garage was a complete nightmare to use with a full garage. From what I can tell it hasn't been upgraded at all, just made look prettier.

Tonight is an impossible night of television (AOL TV)

Sep 22nd 2009 4:54AM BitTorrent all of them this morning, and watch throughout the week.