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Brits can't find Wii for love nor money (Joystiq Nintendo)

Nov 20th 2007 1:53PM Hehe, It took a long hard hunt for me to get my own.

And now that i'm moving out, my mother and rest of the family are beginning the same long hard hunt, only now it looks worse then ever because there are both good games out, and several HUGE titles right on the horizon and supplys in the area are stupidly low.

SO it's not just the UK that's out... it's most of the world.

Perry: If Nintendo sees you as a threat, they'll wipe you out (Joystiq Nintendo)

Sep 27th 2007 11:32AM whoohoo another developer who hason't done anything worth while in a decade bemoaning the wii to get free press...

and as for how good halo's doing... it sold AT MOST (170 / 60) 2.8 million copys... more then likely it's in the 2.3 million range because a large number of the purchasers were lured in to the limited or legendary packaging for more...

what's that? only marginally better then halo 2's launch?

After a non-stop advertising firestorm for months and months trying to convince gamers that halo 2 was the second coming? After grass roots advertising word of mouth spreading news? After half a dozen different ARGs? it barely tops Halo 2's numbers...and only benefits from increased price point of the game...

if i was Microsoft I'd be spinning that to be impressive too. Just like if the last game i made that was any good was Earth Worm Jim I'd be doing everything possible to spin that I was still relevant. Doesn't make either true.

TGS07: Joystiq finds the NiGHTS demo lacks motion control, validation (Joystiq Nintendo)

Sep 21st 2007 4:34AM So, They have a game that t5hey wanted to show off, but the controls wern't all there yet (or at all posssibly...) so they came up with a way for players to go through a the game, see the engine, look at the graphics.

It's like saying a FPS on the 360 shows that FPS's on the PC (or Wii, thanks to the fact that we've shown with MP3 that the wiimote is superior in almost every way to the duel analog approach) are misplaced because there's a control scheme on the 360 "that works"

sure you could put NiGHTs on the PS3, or the 360, and it'd work. it'd probably be an awesome game if they used the same control scheme that the current build has... but I'm betting the controls once done are going to make the game. They probably just weren't ready in time for the show, so they cobbled something together (or used the same scheme they have been testing the engine with in development) and took it to the show. Dosn't mean that the game doesn't belong on the wii, just that the big selling point wasn't done by some arbitrary deadline for a convention.

Dojo update: Super Smash Bros. Brawl online multiplayer confirmed (Joystiq Nintendo)

Sep 18th 2007 5:55PM dear lord, sorry, but i'm overjoyed there's no voice chat. I want to kick people's asses as princess peach, not listen to nasely 12 yhear olds talk bout tea bagging my mother's corpse. XBox Live is a lot of things, but voice and text chat on it is the pinical evidence that the vast majority of humanity dose not need an annanamous filter to spread the filth that lies in their own head, least of all towards a console laregly marketed and employed by minors and owned by one of the most respected brands of family entertainment out there.

Sorry, but voice chat isn't a deal breaker. Neither is seeing other people's names.

I would love a leader board, and a record keeping system, but they're not deal breakers...

Team Matches, however is. I'm hoping it's just an oversight and will be explained / released later, but i want online group making like halo 2 even for 2 people. otherwise I'm going to be disappointed.

VC Monday Madness video wrap-up 9/17/07 [update 1] (Joystiq Nintendo)

Sep 18th 2007 1:37AM Hail to the redskinssssssss :-P

Wii Zapper creates a ruckus (Joystiq Nintendo)

Sep 14th 2007 10:36AM I'm sorry...that "research doesn't lie" line made me laugh out loud...

Research lies all the time, for both legitimate and less then savory reasons. There are often times inherent biases built into the experiments themselves, such as focusing on the immediate reaction (IE, not letting the adrenaline from performing ANY intense action that leads to increased aggression) wear off before testing...

Science, Psychology more specifically, has been wrong time and time and time again. If you think that the concept that MOVIES don't relate 1:1 to increased violence, look at research 5 years ago, look at research used in dozens of other countries more restrictive then the US... There is no consensus, and there is every likelihood that "accepted truths" will go the way of centralism's.

Wii is officially best-selling next-generation console (Joystiq Nintendo)

Sep 13th 2007 4:28PM @10 - I'm guessing these numbers are at least a month or two old... in order to gather all the different numbers from different regions...Makes sense that they're behind the times... of course that means Microsoft has been behind a while now...and they're even less likely to come back with the "halo 3 boost" that i honestly don't see happening

Wii is officially best-selling next-generation console (Joystiq Nintendo)

Sep 13th 2007 1:36PM Those games don't matter in the short term, though... The console is still consistantly sold out EVERYWHERE i look, yes you can find one, but wiis aren't going to be flying off the shelves for brawl because there arn't wiis sitting on them... I honestly don't think Nintendo could sell more wiis if it wanted to without upping production.

So all these new games might make the length of time before we start seeing wiis regularly a bit farther away, but their weekly sales really cant go up much higher then they are if you ask me.


Kohler: GeoWars is better on the Wii, should've been Wii Ware (Joystiq Nintendo)

Aug 28th 2007 10:51PM okay... let's put this into perspective...

The GW concept at it's base is Asteroids on crack...correct?

But to be even more basic, it's a point and shoot game...avoid enemies while shooting them down.

These games have gone all but instinct lately, and that may lend them to the title of "less mature" and "less complex" except...they're not.

Geometry wars is one of the most mind bending reaction testing, legitimately challenging to play on a high level games out there today. This isn't just about being directly competitive against other players by finding patterns and doing the right thing a little bit faster... it's about being inventive, and intuative and knowing the game inside and out.

If they can replicate that feeling and challange over several distinctive and enjoyable levels... well... we'll have a full price game on our hands...weather it's seen as one or not.

I'm very worried about the controls, but I'm POSITIVE that the controls could be done better then duel analogue, because I'm sorry... I'm tired of duel analogue, it's a restrictive and counter intuitive way of gaming. your brain doesn't want to do the exact same thing for two different actions. It doesn't process that well, and that's where the original challenge in GW comes from, so I'm staying hopeful about it...even if i am thankful they kept the old school way in.

Wii Warm Up: Table Tennis falls flat (Joystiq Nintendo)

Aug 25th 2007 11:00AM "complicated control scheme actually seem appealing to you?"

Uhh... to me it looks like you use the D-Pad to decide on the spin to put on the ball, and the analog nunchuck to decide on ball placement...

how's that complex? I can see table tennis not showing well with the wii controls at PAX... it's a weired environment to play it in, but the controls don't really seem all that complex to me.