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Linux alternative to iPhone (Download Squad)

Sep 1st 2007 3:39PM The N800 is very expensive though for what you get, at about £250 around here - and no iPhones on the market to make it look cheap.

The Nokia 770 which is the N800's underpowered predecessor can be had in the UK for around £70 which I think is an absolute bargain. No Skype on the 770, as far as I know, but most other apps are available including Google Talk and Pidgin.

Fight Firefox resizing with four simple steps (Download Squad)

Mar 23rd 2007 7:26PM Twist: Uncheck 'Always show the tab bar' ?
Works for me on Windows

Spb Mobile Shell - Windows Mobile gets a facelift (Download Squad)

Feb 7th 2007 4:41AM I love the Now screen but it really does need to act as a Today replacement. It is completely useless without a button to lock the device. When locked you cannot use or even view the Now screen. Makes it pretty useless..

Royale Noir: "Lost" XP theme discovered (Download Squad)

Oct 30th 2006 2:18PM Quite nice but I don't think it has anything on Luna Element Black


Windows use is growing quickly on mobile phones (Download Squad)

Oct 24th 2006 5:02AM Do people really choose OS over hardware when it comes to phones? It's hard to imagine that someone would refuse a Nokia N95 just because it runs Symbian.

I've been using Windows Mobile for the past 3 years and it does do everything I want.. apart from forcing me to use ActiveSync 4 and Outlook but if I were to switch to Symbian tomorrow, I wouldn't miss a thing.

Yahoo to Go on Windows Mobile smartphones (Download Squad)

Aug 30th 2006 3:33PM Just installed and it told me it was going to start sending SMS messages.. right, please don't - especially considering that wifi is connected. Tapped Messenger and it decided to open PIE for some reason.. then nothing happened. Then I uninstalled.

I think I'll just be using Opera, Agile Messenger and these things called bookmarks. Easier and saves storage space. Go doesn't seem to offer anything I don't already have. Thanks all the same, Yahoo.

When will we have a gigabyte phone? (Download Squad)

Aug 12th 2006 4:10AM It is all very well adding hard drives to these phones but it absolutely kills the battery life. The Samsung i300 and i310 (4gb and 8gb) phones and the Nokia N91 (4gb) all have crappy battery life. Even though the N91 is one of the most gorgeous, slickest slice of technology I have ever used.

What's needed is a shedload of flash memory and, to my mind, the SonyEricsson W950i is the only one to do that (I think the HTC Muse had 4gb flash but that is dead by all reports). It comes with UMTS, Opera, touch sreen and manages to stay pretty small by ditching the camera altogether. Review at: http://www.mobile-review.com/review/sonyericsson-w950-en.shtml

Not at retail in Europe yet though, who knows when the USA will see it..

Free basic service on "PlayStation Network Platform" (Joystiq)

Mar 15th 2006 11:53AM Oh look, 'Controller Final' just after E3.