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Guitar Hero DS hack lets you shred on a full-size guitar (Engadget)

Aug 20th 2008 10:51PM Should add a magnifying glass in front of the DS top screen so it looks bigger

Guitar Hero World Tour's new gear gets previewed (Engadget)

Jun 20th 2008 9:46AM Will my current Wii guitar still work for this if I just get the game without new instruments?

Guitar Herowned: GH3's hardest song rocked 100% (Joystiq)

Jun 7th 2008 10:12AM Try The Devil Went Down To Georgia

Sony secretly working on a PS3 motion controlling remote? (Engadget)

Jun 2nd 2008 9:31PM Both consoles use bluetooth, if developers wanted they can just make the playstation connect to an existing wiimote.

Flipping the Linux switch: Package management 101 (Download Squad)

Jan 9th 2008 2:22AM You click on Synaptic, search for the name of the program you need, check mark it, it'll then automatically find everything else you need, click apply and you are done, whats so hard about that?

I love that I don't need to agree to any agreements every single freaking time I install something.

One dollar iPhones hit Canada (Engadget)

Dec 5th 2007 7:21PM FYI these were in dollar stores before Apple ever mentioned their iPhones

CE-Oh no he didn't! Part LIII: AMD's Hector Ruiz badmouths Intel (Engadget)

Dec 2nd 2007 11:06PM My laptop running on a AMD Athlon (not X2) starts faster than my desktop with Intel Core 2 Duo... Both running freshly installed Kubuntu

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