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Howard E Shields

Member since: Feb 17th, 2006

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The Bill Day giveaway (part 4) - Windows Vista Ultimate (Engadget)

Jun 27th 2008 7:37PM My fave is Visual C#
I like Vista too.

Windows Vista SP1 RC could go public in mid-December (Download Squad)

Nov 29th 2007 10:04PM Yeah..looks like part of the package may be missing? Microsoft's instructions suggest trying to get around the problem by deleting install history and all download files, and then trying again. No thanks, I'll wait until they really fix the problem.

Win a copy of Vista Ultimate (Download Squad)

Jan 30th 2007 6:36PM Thanks for this opportunity.

Why digg is destined for failure (Download Squad)

Dec 11th 2006 3:51PM I don't know the average chronological age of digg users but their mental age appears to be about twelve (with apologies to real twelve year olds everywhere). Digg's claim of 600,000 users is nonsense. The number of ACTIVE users is never divulged but must be a fraction of that number. I sincerely doubt that many of them click through as potential buyers. Business Week should be ashamed of pumping up what is surely just another worthless bubble.

Which tax software equals the biggest return? (Download Squad)

Feb 17th 2006 2:24PM Interesting article but...evidently the author didn't take the time to look at the online support forums for TurboTax and TaxCut. Both are having major software problems this year with downloading and installing required program updates. The TurboTax program is so buggy and their support is so poor that I began to doubt the accuracy of their return. They are advising users to turn off firewalls and disable antivirus checking. I used TaxAct instead and found it to be outstanding.