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How To: Read PDFs in Apple's iBooks with a little help from Dropbox (Download Squad)

Jun 23rd 2010 1:51PM Actually, this only works on the iPad. There's no "Open in..." on the iPhone.

DLS review and tour: slick Web-sharing tool Glass (Download Squad)

Jun 18th 2010 2:30PM May I please have an invite?

myPhoneDesktop controls and sends information to your iPhone or iPad (

Jun 9th 2010 1:22PM I wish I could send to my iPhone a list of phone numbers separated by commas, so that I could text multiple recipients. I believe it's a limitation of the iPhone (and the access provided by Apple) preventing more than one number to be sent at a time.

Win a 16GB Wi-Fi iPad from TUAW (

May 3rd 2010 3:53PM If I won an iPad, I'm sure my herniated disc would get better!

Automatically open Bittorrent files using Dropbox and Hazel (

Mar 10th 2010 2:15PM What I'm waiting for is a way to search for a torrent on my iPhone, download the torrent file to my DropBox and have it start automatically at home.

Major publishers collaborating on "Hulu for magazines" (Download Squad)

Dec 8th 2009 4:25PM I bet Apple is waiting for this kind of infrastructure to be set up before it releases its tablet.
Once the world starts reading magazines online in big numbers, a greater need for the tablet will develop.

Rogers announces iPhone rates in Canada (

Jun 27th 2008 2:46PM I second this question!
With my iPod Touch, I can choose which network to use.
I hope that I can use wifi from Fido Hotspots (they're free, right?) whenever possible and data only when I need to.

Flock 1.1 beta will add web Email, Picasa and more to your web browser (Download Squad)

Jan 18th 2008 2:35AM Any chance of a smaller memory footprint? I have been using the Firefox 3 beta, and it is fast!

Ask TUAW: Menubar aesthetics, Airport disk sharing, OS X disc burning and more (

Nov 11th 2007 1:01PM Is there any way to add an older iMac G3 to an Airport network? Are there any USB wireless devices I can stick in to do the job?

iScrapbook Pre-order (

Mar 7th 2007 8:07PM I am looking to make scrapbook-like webpages. Clicking on an image on the page would take you to the original picture, etc. The website for iScrapbook doesn't say anything about publishing to HTML so I am assuming it won't be able to do it.
Any suggestions? I like the drag-and-drop of iWeb, but not much else about it.