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Apple cancels NBC shows on iTunes with near-immediate effect (Engadget)

Aug 31st 2007 2:29PM Anybody want to explain why you are paying for something you can get for free to begin with?

There are a few other options than paying Apple (or anyone for that matter).

You could watch it when it airs, watch it online or via Tivo or some other DVR?

Is the portability the sole selling point?

I don't get it and obviously never purchased a tv show on line. If I don't want to take the time to watch it with one of the above methods, I figure I obviously don't want to watch it that bad to begin with.

LG's KS20 and KU990 vs. the iPhone (Engadget)

Aug 31st 2007 1:31PM You mean to tell me the LG phone is even SMALLER than the iPhone?!?!

Pretty soon they are going to be so small they are going to disappear into thin air.

Call me crazy, but I like something I can hold on to.

Fujitsu's LifeBook U810 hits the FCC (Engadget)

Aug 14th 2007 2:00PM Gottabemobile.com is reporting they will come in at less than a grand. They've also got a pretty thorough video review up as well if you scroll down a bit.

Sony quietly launches VAIO TP1 Living Room PC (Engadget)

Jul 26th 2007 7:54PM Michael, that was FUNNY!

But I also agree with other posters. I think it would have been better in black to match the color of the PS3. They'd make a nice pair. And if you had a PS3, you wouldn't need the Blu-Ray which bring me to - why does the computer cost so much???????????????

It should be cheaper. Sony is still trying to be the Apple of the PC world by packaging average stuff in a pretty white case and charging 2x as much as they should.

There, I said it.

Dvorak tries a Mac... he likes it! (Engadget)

Jul 26th 2007 2:24PM No, this works for Engadget.

Start an OS flame war to drive traffic.

I never even heard of the guy but you can bet the Mac fanboys will be here in droves to defend/discount/debunk his personal assessement of the platform.

AT&T activates 146k iPhones in Q2, Wall Street frowns (Engadget)

Jul 25th 2007 2:22PM Anybody else notice the lead article and headline has been changed to be a more accurate assessment of the truth without the Apple fanboyism?

Thanks Engadget for stepping up to the plate and, while not admitting any wrongdoing, at the very least having someone re-write a more fair and accurate account of the actual story.

The Apple faithful have nothing to worry about, I'm sure the iPhone will still go on to sell a gazillion units anyway. Just not a gazillion in one weekend.

AT&T activates 146k iPhones in Q2, Wall Street frowns (Engadget)

Jul 24th 2007 3:47PM And your basing those numbers on .... what?

I'm not iPhone hating (far be it to me to complain while standing in the mouth of the lion) just wondering like Neeko.

If this was the end-all-be-all of everything ever created in the world, I would be looking for Apple and AT&T to have held a joint press conference by now rubbing it in everyone's faces by showing us the numbers.

Hasn't happened yet and the verifiable numbers thus far say while good, this certainly hasn't left the stratosphere yet.

Again, not hating. Apple fanboys, please don't send me e-mail death threats. Your phone will probably cure cancer and end world hunger before too long.

Until then, just show me the numbers.

AT&T activates 146k iPhones in Q2, Wall Street frowns (Engadget)

Jul 24th 2007 3:33PM Problem is Engadget linking to a different account of the story.

Here's the New York Times article of the same story with a somewhat more sober assesment.


Gotta love the iPhone but 146,000 with only 40% being new subscribers, AT&T revenue is coming from elsewhere.

Here's my assesment:


Windows Mobile tools for commuters and travelers - Mobile Minute (Download Squad)

Jul 23rd 2007 8:14PM Finally some Windows Mobile love starts to return.

I find it amazing the things you can do with Windows Mobile and have since my Pocket PC days.

No need for me to follow the masses, I've got everything I need in Windows Mobile 6.

Thanks for an excellent post.

CE-Oh no he didn't! Part XL: Acer's Gianfranco Lanci says "entire industry" disappointed by Vista (Engadget)

Jul 23rd 2007 7:54PM You said it Johan. I really like Apple's answer: "How much does it cost to do all of this? $129."

That said, MS really should not be charging that much for an OS. An OS shouldn't "do" anything except get out of the way and let the user do what they need their system to do.

Anybody's OS, including Apple's should be as simple as possible, running in the background, unnoticed. Like Linux.

We're in the days when, thanks to marketing, the OS is more important than the applications that run on them.