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Jobs: Use multitasking "as designed" and be happy (

Jun 30th 2010 6:57PM I seem to remember early on hearing that multi-tasking was limited to 6ish apps...? This could mean that older apps (longest since access) that have backgrounded processes will be force quitted.

Five little-known features in iOS 4 (

Jun 30th 2010 6:43PM This is because it's actually creating an MMS in Group Messaging, and character count doesn't matter for MMS.

Giveaway: four lucky winners to get Agile Messenger for iPhone/iPod touch (

Mar 30th 2009 9:54PM I'm a Gmail user, so Google chat is my natural choice. I paid the $16 for Beejive on my iPhone too, so I wonder how this one stacks up...

Top 10 Gmail tips and hacks (Download Squad)

Mar 7th 2007 1:28PM I want to create a bookmark in Firefox that opens a new window of gmail with no address bar, toolbars, etc -- basically a dedicated window w/ maximum screen real estate. Any ideas?