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Three (more) educational Web sites to make your kids smarter (Download Squad)

Sep 10th 2008 8:40AM Great stuff

Many thanks for these

KlipFolio might be the only desktop widget you ever need (Download Squad)

Aug 13th 2008 5:10AM Yes, after 2 years, it would be good to re-visit this tool. My primary objective is to have a quick overview of critical news before I fire up my browser.

Dropbox: Easy online file storage site launches private beta (Download Squad)

Mar 12th 2008 6:37AM Looking forward to see this one in action. Is this similar to Sugarsync ? I can’t wait to finally find an alternative to Foldershare (

Synchronize Google Calendar and Outlook with Google Calendar Sync (Download Squad)

Mar 6th 2008 5:07AM Great news, especially that this is not a 3rd party software but an official release from Google. - it's like RSS without the mess (Download Squad)

Feb 15th 2008 10:26AM Nah...I will give it a miss....Netvibes is still a cut above the rest!

Open Web Awards: Start Pages (Download Squad)

Dec 12th 2007 6:25AM Nevibes forever....

Crop multiple images with JPEGCrops (Download Squad)

Aug 6th 2007 12:37PM I have been using Photo Gadget ( for over a year now. It does a fantastic job of cropping my jpgs in batch.

Windows Mobile tools for commuters and travelers - Mobile Minute (Download Squad)

Jul 23rd 2007 5:10PM Thanks for this post...This brought me some fond memories of my commute too!

I totally agree with you!

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