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Do you love commercials or are you just lazy? (AOL TV)

Nov 3rd 2009 8:50AM I'd also like to say that PVR people WATCH commercials as they fast forward. We see all the commercials, often in fast forward, but we still see them all. I watch a lot of TV and even if I FF, I still see the commercials, and stop on weird ones or otherwise interesting ones.

What the heck is this? (AOL TV)

Aug 17th 2009 9:27AM I always thought they were called Pizza Bats.

Pontiac used to build excitement (AOL TV)

May 7th 2009 9:22AM The two big huge neon records from Yonge Street in Toronto have appeared in many comercials and films. Sadly they just took them down this year. Funny how old video envokes different memories in different people.

Was anybody else disappointed in the Star Trek/Family Guy episode? (AOL TV)

Mar 31st 2009 6:19AM I find it neat that a blog post that starts off negative yields so many "I agree" negative comments, and elsewhere online all the positive "I loved it" blogs yield mostly "me too" comments. I guess that's why news anchors don't offer opinions. Blogs do, and the fans follow the leader. Neat.

I liked the episode. More laughs than usual per episode for me in both A and B stories... but I might have loiked it a bit more if I had not been hyped into expecting it to be one of the best ever.

Saturday Night Live: Alec Baldwin/The Jonas Brothers - VIDEOS (AOL TV)

Feb 16th 2009 8:41AM I'd be curious to know what sketches got cut, because the last two Wigg clips were repeats from previous shows.

Seven shows with episode naming patterns (AOL TV)

Dec 5th 2008 5:13PM Mr. Monk and the ___

Saturday Night Live: Paul Rudd/Beyonce - VIDEOS (AOL TV)

Nov 17th 2008 9:53AM I watched the show with a friend who doesn't watch SNL much, and was surprised how every sketch had a gay factor. We started to think the host must be gay, and they're trying gay humour... or somebody in the head office decided that gays watch SNL more... who knows. I didn't think of a Prop 8 link. The fact of life is, gay humour does offend some people. Is this what passes as edgy and controversial now?

I think it's funny how I enjoy SNL every single week, but I always enjoy it less when I feel judged. When I watch with other "non fans", the show seems bad.

(Not against gays or gay humour at all... I was just surprised to see an entire show themed that way)

Big Brother 10: PoV Competition #1 (AOL TV)

Jul 16th 2008 8:05AM I enjoyed the show from minute 1. The thing I love about big brother is seeing egos crushed and people surprised and shocked by changes. Have thee people never seen the show? If you go around being cocky, you're going down. I have never seen somebody as cocky as Brian was in the first 15 minutes, promising mafia like deals and "all I ask is that you might do me a favor in the upcoming weeks".

I'm the king... I'm on the block. What just happened?

The Bill Day giveaway (part 4) - Windows Vista Ultimate (Engadget)

Jun 29th 2008 10:15AM I guess a 1 in 4700+ chance is still better than a lottery or lightning.
JUst slightkly better than Vista Ultimate being better than Vista Premium.

America's Got Talent: Episode 302 (AOL TV)

Jun 29th 2008 9:57AM Pendragons did a text book trick from the 1960's just ok. I was shocked they moved on.

President Bush impersonator may be good, but he can't win. In a short while, nobody will care. I'm kind of surprised they still care about Elvis.