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Win one of 25 Macheist bundles (TUAW.com)

Apr 7th 2009 10:16AM iSale: I've got a basement full of stuff looking for another home!

French courts require foreign vendors to remind customers about 'iPod tax' (TUAW.com)

Dec 3rd 2008 10:44PM Oops...1Password pasted the same comment the last time I posted to TUAW. Ignore that one. I meant to say:

If I had to pay this "tax" I'd download loads of stuff (movies/music/etc) for free online. Sounds to me like this fee would legitimize piracy. I don't think many would fee obligated to pay for content if they feel like they already did. I'd raise bloody hell if my Congress man/woman were to vote for something like this. Yikes!

French courts require foreign vendors to remind customers about 'iPod tax' (TUAW.com)

Dec 3rd 2008 10:38PM I sold my AAPL today, took a nice 25% gain since I purchased it. When the market comes out of the crapper I'll probably get back into AAPL. Right now it's just not a good time....

AT&T exec confirms iPhone tethering on the way (TUAW.com)

Nov 10th 2008 9:55AM You're insane if you think tethering will be free. AT&T charges an extra $30 a month for tethering for the Blackberry (this is on top of data fees). At the least it will be an extra $15 a month, most likely $30.

Ask TUAW: MobileMe syncing problems, invisible files on FAT32 discs, creating an online store, and more (TUAW.com)

Oct 21st 2008 1:46PM I've got the same problem as Andrew. It's definitely an annoying issue. Not sure about the solution offered (haven't tried it myself), but a quick way to get back your color is to just open the displays pref pane. Once it opens, the color returns.

The fantastic At Bat is on sale (TUAW.com)

Oct 7th 2008 4:56PM You pay for the NFL, NBA, MLB, and NHL "season passes" by the season. MLB is just extending the concept to the iPhone. I do agree that the fact that you're buying a "season pass" like app for the iPhone could be better highlighted. Maybe they should call it MLB.com 2008 or something.

Still though, why are they not including the ability to listen to MLB radio on the device? I'll gladly pay for that and this app if I could just listen to games on my iPhone. I'd be willing to bet it's DRM related. I think they use some MS technology to wrap the stream in DRM. I'm not 100% on that though.

AAPL down sharply after two ratings cuts (TUAW.com)

Sep 29th 2008 1:35PM I don't feel quite so horrible now for selling several months ago when it hit $125. I made a nice 25%, but it wasn't what it could have been. Oh well. If I had some money I'd probably buy in now. Of course many stocks are good buys right now.

The bluebird of happiness (TUAW.com)

Sep 25th 2008 4:13PM Slow news day today?

Speed Racer DVD Digital Copy not iTunes-friendly (TUAW.com)

Sep 19th 2008 10:38AM Yeah, what Zews said. That type is mighty small!

iPhone is the place for adware? (TUAW.com)

Sep 11th 2008 11:42AM I only just recently purchased my first paid iPhone app (FileMagnet). After watching a video review of the app and reading multiple other reviews, I decided I could risk $5. Turns out, it was worth my $5. But until there is a good way to demo the software, I'll be "wallet-shy" too. I simply don't want to waste my time/money on crap.