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di[rec] could tempt labels with post concert live recording drives (Engadget)

Jul 10th 2007 8:18AM I would buy one just for one of those sexy USB drives...

Giveaway: have an iPhone on us! (Engadget)

Jun 29th 2007 8:47PM The AT&T plan that I'd have to buy in order to use it

Engadget Mobile relaunch giveaways - Samsung m610 (Engadget Mobile)

Jun 16th 2007 7:52AM This is my 7th, no luck so far. Not that I'm expecting anything different; the odds right now are 1:681, and decreasing by the second.

Engadget Mobile relaunch giveaways - Nokia N75 (Engadget Mobile)

Jun 8th 2007 8:05PM I know I'm behind the times when the resolution on the EXTERNAL display is bigger than that of the main display on my phone.

Engadget Mobile relaunch giveaways - Samsung BlackJack (Engadget Mobile)

Jun 8th 2007 8:03PM Yes, yes, yes? Pretty much.

Engadget Mobile relaunch giveaways - (PRODUCT) RED V3m for Sprint (Engadget Mobile)

Jun 8th 2007 8:02PM I could just say "count me in" or "whoa, awesome", but generic uninspired comments don't help fight AIDS.

Engadget Mobile relaunch giveaways - Samsung u620 for Verizon (Engadget Mobile)

Jun 8th 2007 8:00PM I actually get noticeably less inspired every time I comment on one of these.
My futile dreams will never become a reality. Namely, that telefone over yonder.

Engadget Mobile relaunch giveaways - Sprint UpStage by Samsung (Engadget Mobile)

Jun 8th 2007 7:55PM That looks delicious, pity the odds aren't exactly in my favor.
At least by commenting on this, I get a twisted sense of satisfaction, knowing that I'm decreasing everyone else's chances too. After all, if I can't win, nobody should be able to.

Engadget Mobile relaunch giveaways - Samsung m610 (Engadget Mobile)

Jun 8th 2007 7:53PM I officially have a 1-in-872 chance of getting this.
That's, um, decent?

Mitsubishi's new LCD-R32MX55 32-inch LCD (Engadget)

Oct 10th 2006 5:29PM an lcd the size of my television, with a resolution the size of my laptop. i