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di[rec] could tempt labels with post concert live recording drives (Engadget)

Jul 10th 2007 8:18AM I would buy one just for one of those sexy USB drives...

Giveaway: have an iPhone on us! (Engadget)

Jun 29th 2007 8:47PM The AT&T plan that I'd have to buy in order to use it

Mitsubishi's new LCD-R32MX55 32-inch LCD (Engadget)

Oct 10th 2006 5:29PM an lcd the size of my television, with a resolution the size of my laptop. i

RocketDock-a Mac Dock clone for Windows (Download Squad)

Aug 21st 2006 8:00AM Now, if only there was a rocketdock-for-linux.

Fujitsu's C1410 laptop for business travelers on a budget (Engadget)

Jul 13th 2006 2:29PM I feel like a loser. My DellTop is 10 lbs on its own, about 15 with the bag, power brick, and mouse.

Dell looking into flaming laptop incident (Engadget)

Jun 29th 2006 5:44PM According to Ubuntu, my processor temp averages at 170 degrees farenheit. Should I run?
NOTE: This is on an Inspion 5160, so it's not exactly lightweight (10lbs).

Sternest Meanings: Snarky anagram chatbot (Download Squad)

May 29th 2006 12:16PM webuser: Microsoft Windows XP
sternest: Worm downs PC, so fix it!

Ask Download Squad: How do you deal with spyware? (Download Squad)

Sep 18th 2005 8:15AM It pains me to admit, but the only M$ product I like is Windows Anti-Spyware. I mean, they didn't actually MAKE it, but it's still so Micro$oft-ish.

Ask Download Squad: How do you IM? (Download Squad)

Sep 4th 2005 9:53AM Gaim, foo! Occasionally I use the *official* google talk client for voice chats, but apart from that, i'm a true Gaimer.

Ask Download Squad: Google - good or evil? (Download Squad)

Aug 29th 2005 3:28PM Good of course, but in my opinion it is just a "silly waste of time cooked up by journalists eager to find another corporate scandal to write about".