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Microsoft shuts down spam behemoth Rustock, reduces worldwide spam by 39% (Download Squad)

Mar 22nd 2011 12:26AM @bizbee259 now i hope my gmail emails wont go into my friends hotmail spam folder

brite-View LinkE pipes content to four Ethernet sources over existing powerline network (Engadget)

Mar 9th 2010 6:19PM @putnaar
yes a little more expensive is all is was for a product that came out months ago
i bought it for xmas and its been no problem
it even comes with a stand

Boston prep school nixes all the books in its library, replaces them with 18 e-readers (Engadget)

Sep 5th 2009 11:40PM keyboard is to touchscreen keyboard as ebook readers are to books

Engadget's back to school giveaway, part one! (Engadget)

Sep 2nd 2009 11:19PM Amazing lineup
more is better

Android-based Archos gets pictured, briefly priced by B&H (Engadget)

Sep 1st 2009 5:12PM 500gb $100 more...MANNN
im sure they have to make it bigger to accommodate the bigger sized disk but still...$100 more...
it'll be a hard to buy..but still a good buy

Engadget's recession antidote: win an HP TouchSmart IQ527! (Engadget)

Jul 30th 2009 12:30PM This is an awesome machine