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UK Facebook users 'dropped 5% in January' (Download Squad)

Feb 22nd 2008 4:54PM Meant to say "pride", not "price". Sorry.

UK Facebook users 'dropped 5% in January' (Download Squad)

Feb 22nd 2008 4:53PM Seriously, I'm stopping by Facebook less and less, too. I used to be able to drop by and see new or interesting stuff, but that's no longer the case anymore. Maybe my friends are all just getting boring. :)

It seems like I mostly login to Facebook to take care of stuff - dismiss requests to join stupid groups, dismiss requests to add stupid applications, etc.

That's an idea, though...if you ever want to permanently delete your Facebook account, just break their terms of service. Sounds like they'd be happy to kick you out, in that case.

I deleted my MySpace account, and I'd like the freedom to delete my Facebook account, too. Facebook should respect that, considering how much they talk about "openness" and such (like the price they've got in their open source projects, for example).

Stomp 1.4 bumps up speed, includes support for Elgato Turbo 264 (Download Squad)

Feb 22nd 2008 4:13PM Also worth trying - VisualHub. Haven't tried Stomp, but I like VisualHub.


Google doesn't like Microsoft's bid for Yahoo (Download Squad)

Feb 4th 2008 10:40AM That's not worst case, not by a long shot.

Worst case scenario, Microsoft acquires Yahoo!, and everything Yahoo! has ever created or bought goes stale or is overwhelmed with the terrible stuff that's currently causing Microsoft to fail at the internet.

Would you use a Microsoft-owned Flickr? I wouldn't.

Head-to-head smackdown: Live Writer versus Ecto (Download Squad)

Oct 10th 2007 1:40PM Sorry, included a link but it didn't work.


Head-to-head smackdown: Live Writer versus Ecto (Download Squad)

Oct 10th 2007 1:35PM You guys should give MarsEdit a try. It's way better than both of those.

DMB encourages Windows users to bypass the DRM (TUAW.com)

Aug 18th 2005 1:38AM I think the commenters are right here - this is the label's fault, not Apple's. Furthermore, the reason this works fine on a Mac is because we don't have the Windows implementation of Autoplay. I would assume that if you hold the Shift key down while popping that DMB disc in, Windows won't give you that DRM WMA crap and let you rip the CD properly in iTunes if you wish. Haven't tested it, since I'm not in the market for a DMB CD...