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Battlefield 3 beta invite with purchase of Medal of Honor Limited Edition (Big Download)

Jul 30th 2010 10:20PM So I have to buy an EXTREMELY dumbed down console port of a game to get access to the beta of what will probably be yet another ruined series thanks to consoles. I already wasted my money on BC2 and the MoH beta lasted about 1 hour on my computer before I raged from topping the leaderboards ramboing as a sniper on a server half a world away :/

There goes one of the last good shooters. Going to have to stick close to the Source engine from now on and pin my hopes on Nuclear Dawn.

Free Peggle Nights offered but there's a catch . . . (Big Download)

Feb 24th 2010 12:03AM seems they are being overloaded atm, took a lot of refreshing and resending just to get registered, and been trying to confirm for the past hour to no avail.

Is eBook piracy the next big thing? (Download Squad)

Jan 26th 2010 9:30PM The problem with eBook piracy will never reach music/movie levels simply because the vast majority of people don't read by choice. Out of everyone I know in my generation (late teens and early twenties) only one person besides myself is an avid reader. Sure, most will pick up harry potter, the latest dan brown or *shudder* the Twilight series, but most will never really go beyond that.

Also, personally, I find eBooks awful to read. I spend nearly all day on my computer, but reading eBooks hurts my eyes. I also find my concentration lulls. Upon speaking to some other people I have found they have similar problems, and I think books may be one thing that will take a long time to be digitally adopted by the mainstream.

Battlefield Bad Company 2 to limit access to dedicated servers (Big Download)

Jan 15th 2010 9:18AM This isn't news to anyone who has played BF2/BF2142. EA's RANKED server partner program has been a huge success in the past and while it can cause monopolisation inflation like it did for a long time in Australia, it is all for the best. It means you aren't having to worry about joining unstable ranked servers, and EA generally did an OK (not good, but Ok) job at wiping out exploiting servers while BF2 was at its peak.

I guess to those who aren't used to this will probably have a massive outcry over it, and while it does mean extra costs for those clans who have their own boxes and want to host ranked servers, it is far better in the long run.

Also, like previous Battlefields, I'm sure unranked server creation will be available either at release or very shortly after. After all, Battlefield has in the past had a very serious scrimming community.

So, if you saw another MW2 boycott appearing when this came up, don't worry. Previous Battlefield fans would have already known this to begin with, and it is not as restrictive as its made out to be by online news services. I ran several BF2 and BF2142 servers without any problem barring the monopolisation one server company had in Australia, meaning we paid quite high prices for a long period of time, but that is now eradicated.

There's a... er... Twilight MMO coming... (Massively)

Jul 29th 2009 2:34AM Twilight was originally a massive insult to anyone who had ever read a real book before.

Twilight then became a massive insult to anyone who had ever watched a real movie before.

Twilight will now become a massive insult to anyone who has ever played a real video game before.

Must this plague infiltrate all aspects of my life? Its a damn fine business move, no doubt, but I am NOT willing to have all these tweens start calling themselves gamers. No no no no no.

A Fortnight of Freedom... (Massively)

Jul 5th 2009 6:31PM Bag space and mounts are two of the perfect things for cash shops; they don't give any direct advantage in pvp or pve (unless we want to get picky and cite specific examples such as alterac valley battlegrounds in wow), but they do provide convenience items. You don't have to purchase extra bag space or a mount, but it sure makes life a lot easier.

What I'm trying to say is there is a difference between non-essential items and worthless junk. Extra bag space is non-essential, but as a raider you are probably going to find it very difficult without the extra space. You can do it, but its a real pain.

Let's look at the MMO market. Name one major MMO (in terms of current popularity) that essentially forces the player to use a cash shop, by providing direct advantages. It's not possible; cash shops have a stigma attached to them that turns players off, for this specific reason. This is an MMO, and someone's real life wealth (or simply their access to a parent's credit card) should not come into the game. When cash shops bring direct advantages, the idea of skill is thrown out. Games that do this turn off players.

I recently started playing Runes of Magic; but as soon as I saw the words cash shop, I did a fair bit of research to make sure the end game content relied on skill and not the cash shop. When I told my friends about RoM, they all seemed interested until the words 'cash shop' were mentioned, and immediately their attitudes changed.

The RoM store mainly provides advantages that can be obtained in game; yes it will take a longer period of time, but its still doable. And many of the best players on the RoM servers haven't spent a cent. RoM also provide mounts and extra bag space in their store; I definitely could use this and probably will be making a purchase soon. Not because I'm going to get a great advantage over other players, but simply because it makes things easier for me.

As I said, i really think this is more of an issue of what we define as 'essential','non-essential' and 'useless junk'.

A Fortnight of Freedom... (Massively)

Jul 4th 2009 10:24PM I agree that 14 day trials don't showcase end game content. But you would think that anyone who buys a game with end game in mind would do some research before purchasing. 14 days give these kind of people an idea of what the gameplay/combat systems are like, and with this in mind, they can better get a feel for what end game content is like when researching.

Also, I hope that the bigger companies stay with subscription models; I can't imagine a company like Blizzard ever using a cash shop model without making it so that cash shop players get the advantage. Cash shops should be mainly full of convenience items, not combat advantages.

Note: When i say combat advantages, i mean direct advantages. Things like pots and the sort can be in there. But when it gets to a point where you need the cash shop to raid effectively, or to win in PvP, its gone too far.

Australian network filtering promises to reach out to block games, online games and more (Massively)

Jun 26th 2009 11:34PM Dammit people, why couldn't you have commented before!

Australian network filtering promises to reach out to block games, online games and more (Massively)

Jun 25th 2009 10:25AM For the record; I never meant religious fundamentalist. Yes, thats the common link, but it's not what I meant.

I should probably word it better. The link between fundamentalists and stupidity was not the angle I was looking for.

I meant that those three politicians are renowned for sticking to their narrowed minded belief systems. Which is all well and good; everyone's allowed their own opinions and can live life how they want.

But when you're in power, and people are presenting logical, rational and reasoned arguments as for why this idea is economically, ethically and morally wrong, and you still stick to your guns, that is when the problem arises. Conroy specifically, has not actually shown why any of these arguments are wrong, but sticks to his "hurr durr child pornography" arguments. Oh, and "the russian mafia" did it. That was good for a laugh.

Yes, its a delusional view, but I like to think that politicians have a duty to rebut these arguments, especially when the plan is at the tax payers expense.

Conroy doesn't seem to have any understanding of the technology he is dealing with. As pointed out by that network engineer from Internode (name is lost on me), the logistics of not only implementing it, but getting it to work effectively, are almost impossible at the current state of technology. When you refuse to even acknowledge things like that, and stick to your belief system, thats when a person living by fundamentalist ideals becomes stupid.

On a slightly off-topic point, did anyone see Fielding's little "no proof of human impact on climate change" decision? That was...interesting...to say the least.

Australian network filtering promises to reach out to block games, online games and more (Massively)

Jun 25th 2009 9:09AM Once again our communications minister proves he knows absolutely nothing about the internet or the changing moral zeitgeist

Stop wasting tax payer money on stupid, easily bypassable filters, and spend it on something worthwhile, like catching the disgusting people creating the child pornography. Oh wait, you kind of forgot thats the reason the filter was being emplaced in the first place, wasn't it?

Conroy, Fielding, Xenophon - the three people in our government who may as well be fundementalists; they truely are that stupid.