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Video: Hennessey Venom GT hits the track (Autoblog)

Apr 12th 2010 8:12AM Yep, now I've had a look around the innerwebs, definitley Bruntingthorpe, Leicester. The VC-10 is there for scrapping. :(

Video: Hennessey Venom GT hits the track (Autoblog)

Apr 12th 2010 7:52AM It looks a bit like Bruntingthorpe near Leicester, England. Certainly the 747 looks the right colour scheme though. If we could see the other side, it may still be painted with the the ASDA/Walmart branding (do a Google Search for G-ASDA).

Difficult to tell though on my mobile youtube browser.

Within a year, 90% of Microsoft employees will be working on cloud-related projects (Download Squad)

Mar 5th 2010 4:53PM I hope it pays off - we're currently testing the BPOS suite and its pants. Especially the hosted OCS where you can't even connect using a Windows Mobile Classic and the OCS software. They need to reproduce the functionality of a server in the cloud, but as yet they've not delivered.

Manpacks offers automatic delivery of clean undies to helpless men (Download Squad)

Jan 16th 2010 11:36AM A new pack every 3 months? Thats 1 pair of socks a month.
Do these people not live near a Walmart?

Next-Gen Ford Focus unveiled! U.S. and Euro models finally united (Autoblog)

Jan 11th 2010 7:51AM The sedan looks all Mondeo from the 3/4's forward and looks good for it. Not sure about the boot (or trunk) - It looks a bit Chris Bangle for my liking, but it still works. It would be the Hatchback for me though. I can't wait to see comparitive price points when its on general release; I wonder if the difference between the US and European markets is as great as 'believed'?

L5 Remote turns your iPhone or iPod touch into a universal remote (Engadget)

Jan 4th 2010 5:36PM @phil112345 Not being one of the jobsian horde, I have no proper experience of the iPhone. Just wondered if it was a flaw in an otherwise flawless idea.

Seems like they have it covered, but perhaps the application could support a macro that when a call comes in, it sends a mute/pause command so you don't need to faff.

L5 Remote turns your iPhone or iPod touch into a universal remote (Engadget)

Jan 4th 2010 5:22PM So what happens if you receive a call on your iPhone?

Do you get stuck in a "hang on, let me turn the TV down, oh crap I can't you're calling me and I can't get to the app" situation?

Dutch Exodus: Spyker relocating vehicle assembly to the UK (Autoblog)

Nov 21st 2009 4:51AM Thats excellent news and once again recognises the British ability and skill to build high-performance sports cars. Its a shame our Government doesn't recognise this and back it by assisting companies that want to hold some competitive motor sport racing in circuits around the country.

Now I know 'Formula 1' is only a itty bitty Sunday racers club with only around 20 cars competing at a time - but you know, it could become popular in time. /sarcasm. It could also be a good money spinner if only we could get some good facilities with a bit of financial support.

Valerie Singleton wants more Facebook friends, promotes Linux for the elderly (Engadget)

Nov 11th 2009 7:18AM According to the BBC, "£299 without screen or keyboard to £525 for a complete system", which I think must make the UI software about £100. Excessively expensive if they're trying to take sales from standard systems.