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Periodic Table of the Internet (Download Squad)

Jul 18th 2007 8:30AM Actually, many inaccuracies.
First of all, and are inert and NOBLE gas?!? Hardly - They are the most active instigators in the political realm of the internet. (represented as Neon and Argon - Ne Ar)
Google and are very likely compounds. I think not. (Represented as Litium and Fluorine - respectively - LiF)
MySpace (or Facebook) and - I dont see this as a very likely compound. However CO2 and SiO2 are very readily forming compounds in nature.
So overall, this is a bit off and probably not a good way to represent the internet.

Consumer Reports announces its 10 Top Picks of the year (Autoblog)

Mar 1st 2007 4:06PM Worst list ever. Where is the BMW? Thats right, if you count them, they nail multiple categories with the same cars. Why is this so Jap biased? The only thing on there not Jap is the MX-5.