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Iris web browser for Windows Mobile uses same engine as Safari (Download Squad)

Feb 12th 2008 8:31PM The browser installed fine on my HTC 6800. As mentioned, it appears to still be very sluggish at rendering, scrolling, and even loading for that matter.

Loading proved successful, but as Paranoised stated, it doesn't really look quite right on a low-res screen such as the 6800. Zooming out to 50% brings everything into view as you would find it on the iPhone, but text is not legible (sans 36-point Arial Bold...but whatever. :)

It's a great start, and I hope the developers pour their heart and soul into the project. Given time and effort, the browser has great potential to give PIE and Opera Mobile a run for their money.

Mozilla makes Firefox skinning easy with Personas (Download Squad)

Dec 19th 2007 12:32AM Anybody ever remember Neoplanet?

Let Microsoft spy on you, get a free copy of Vista Ultimate (Download Squad)

Dec 11th 2007 4:10PM Disregard my ignorant comments. I should RTFA. Hah.

Let Microsoft spy on you, get a free copy of Vista Ultimate (Download Squad)

Dec 11th 2007 4:08PM So I took the bait, why not? I have nothing to hide.

I'm clean!

Kind of deceiving though, they give you the download right after you finish all of their survey crap. I want my Vista copy, dammit.

Are they spying on you now? Or when you get your copy? I'm kind of feeling that they are doing the spying now...on my not-so-legit-copy of Vista... *blushes*

The hundred gadget giveaway: round 28 (Engadget)

Sep 10th 2007 9:12PM Gotta loves the free stuff.

Joost 0.9 released with better video and oh yeah, some ads too (Download Squad)

Apr 2nd 2007 7:20PM Dear Joost Invite Gods/Download Squad,

I'm a poor college student who likes to stay on the bleeding edge of technology and the internets. Please help me feed my Laguna Beach and TRL addiction.

Please invite me to this new world of wasting time.

Love always,

Strategies to clean up your rss feed subscriptions - Readers Sound Off (Download Squad)

Feb 26th 2007 9:49AM Also, does anyone have some good Greasemonkey or extensions for Google Reader? Maybe Download Squad should do a write-up. :)

Strategies to clean up your rss feed subscriptions - Readers Sound Off (Download Squad)

Feb 26th 2007 9:45AM I feel your feed pain.

I'm subscribed to a little over 80 feeds and spent the last six hours (I have no life, I admit it) crawling through back-logged news from the previous hectic week. It seems like if I miss more than a day of staying updated, I have to wade through the pile of various news articles and blog posts that magically appear out of nowhere.

As far as combating the issue...I'm currently subscribed to CNN, The Drudge Report, Google News, and The Guardian. I'm a news fiend, granted, but it is overkill. I normally end up "marking all as read" on many of the feeds (which in turn makes it pointless to be subscribed in the first place) and moving on to more interesting things (Download Squad, anyone?). If you're a news junkie and like it served in the RSS flavor,

I suggest picking one credible, regularly updated, full content feed (justelise's comment was spot on). CNN isn't very good at this, just a headline. Drudge has been on my shit list ever since I subscribed because of THEIR ALL CAPS TITLES. Guardian is alright, but way too brief. Google News, it seems, is going to be my choice from here forward.

I _hate_ marking any feed as read, simply because there's too many stories piling up. Hopefully we can all find a happy tipping point for our information addicted lifestyles and not go into sensory overload. =)