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Five reasons why Apple TV matters (

Oct 8th 2010 12:23PM Five Reasons why Apple TV *doesn't* matter:
* It doesn't display 1080p -- even though competitors like Roku do.
* It has a rent-don't-buy model for content, but no content providers want to play along
* It's behind the curve on content providers: it doesn't have Hulu -- even though every other competitor does (or will)
* It *could* run apps, but it doesn't. It doesn't even have any clear plan to support this.
* It's already undercut in price by competitive devices that do the same or more for less money. (Again, Roku)

Apple's segmentation strategy and why it works (

Oct 2nd 2010 10:08AM "...creating one product for a particular use case -- an iPad for reading, an iPod for listening, and an iPhone for apps..."

Huh? This isn't at all how Apple has been marketing these products; just judging by the commercials. (The iPhone isn't distinct for having "apps")

Win a 16GB Wi-Fi iPad from TUAW (

May 3rd 2010 7:55PM For the win!

Review: So You Think You Can Dance - America's Favorite Dancer (season finale) (AOL TV)

Dec 17th 2009 9:57PM Granted, for a partner dance, they had no choice but to show a recording of Russel dancing. However, I was really disappointed that they had to show a recording of the top 20 dancing. Really? 19 other dancers missed their chance to perform because just one was hurt.

By the way, he didn't look that hurt when he learned he won.

Regardless, Russel was actually my favorite to win. I loved him throughout the season. The director/producer really screwed the pooch on the finale though.

USA turning The Freshman into a TV series (AOL TV)

Dec 17th 2009 9:51PM Welcome to the internet. Please turn down the volume on your keyboard. (i.e., Caps Lock)

30 Rock: Season 4 (season premiere) (AOL TV)

Oct 17th 2009 10:34AM When Jack and Kenneth are talking in the picket line, Jack asks "What do you want?" and Kenneth replies "You know what I want." in a gravely voice. I can't tell if that's reference to Batman or Watchmen?

App for the Milk is a desktop client for Remember the Milk (Download Squad)

Oct 5th 2009 10:43AM I find it troubling to find this app advertised on a number of blogs recently, including RTM's. This app has some obvious issues and bugs that are not even mentioned in this article, but I've seen them left in comments elsewhere.

Did the author here actually install and use the app before posting about it? Or are you just passing along impressions from other people?

I'm bothered because I did install this and I feel like I wasted my time.

5byfive offers super-simple, super-slick album artwork discovery (Download Squad)

Sep 22nd 2009 11:04AM Thanks for pointing that out, because I was getting frustrated when I would see the cover I wanted pop-up briefly but then another image finally appeared. It would be better if the service had some navigation for results instead requiring such an undocumented feature.

Mike Judge: The TV Squad Interview (AOL TV)

Jul 29th 2009 10:42PM I really enjoy Mike Judge's balance between characterization and comedy.

Of course the Goode Family has an obvious political angle, but the show works because you can sympathize with the characters. They are trying to live to a certain moral code and their faults and humor show when they ignore common sense to live to a sometimes ridiculous standard.

In fact, the show would have worked just as well if the family was conservative. The formula for the show is that it makes fun of how they live to their liberal standards -- not just why they live their lives to those standards.

The "Good/Bad" marquee in the grocery store sums up that show best.