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PSA: This is why non-developers shouldn't run iOS betas (

Aug 16th 2011 10:21AM Completely agree, comes across as a very negative rant rather than a constructive educational piece. I am also not a dev but completely understand the pitfalls of running an unreleased OS.

Apple iPhone OS 4 Event now posted for QuickTime streaming (

Apr 8th 2010 7:17PM What? It's not available in Flash?

Google is listening, and iPhone users are talking (

Nov 15th 2008 8:29AM yeah great but I don't think I'll use this... now give us push gmail please!

Motorola's Android slider getting social in Q2 2009? (Engadget)

Oct 20th 2008 6:55AM That Moto-Android logo that you guys have made is hillarious.

Facebook v2 for iPhone goes live (

Sep 30th 2008 12:07AM Ha! Just found another bug, if you want to look at older posts in a feed it just replicates the last group of updates...

These aren't just happening to me are they?

Facebook v2 for iPhone goes live (

Sep 29th 2008 11:58PM Yeah, me too, if I Ignore a friend request it reduces notifications to none but the request is still there.

If I ignore again it goes to -1 requests... then -2 and so on!

Gmail gets IMAP (Download Squad)

Oct 25th 2007 9:29PM I tried setting up IMAP even though I don't have the setting in GMail... and it works! Just follow the instructions in the link above.

Fuel of the future: Hydrogen at the corner gas mart (Autoblog)

Apr 30th 2007 8:04PM I'm not a scientist so maybe I'm missing something, but on their website it says that the process of converting the gas produces Hydrogen and Carbon Dioxide.

Doesn't releasing CO2 as exhaust from the converter defeat the purpose of a pollution free fuel?

Geneva Sneak Peek: Hyundai i30 (Autoblog)

Feb 22nd 2007 5:19PM Personally I see BMW 1 Series in the back end