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DLS Exclusive: sneak peek at LastPass for the iPhone (Download Squad)

May 7th 2009 4:45PM It looks like LastPass will only fill in username and passwords in the embedded browser. How functional is the embedded browser? Does the browser support links that attempt to open the destination page in a new window?

Ideally, the embedded browser would figure out how to share cookies with the Safari browser. Then, when you log in with LastPass, then you can just go to the regular browser to continue browsing

Independent broadband-friendly home alarm systems (Download Squad)

Aug 29th 2007 3:31PM ADTs alarms do work with the VoIP solutions provided by Cable companies. Ours works fine with out Comcast Digital voice service. In addition, ADT offers a cellular connection with the alarm system, so it will work event without a phone line. also offers ip based security systems.

How To: Use Gmail over IMAP and tag your mail, too (Download Squad)

Jul 14th 2007 12:48PM This is cool. The one thing that this solution doesn't handle is when you add a message to a new IMAP folder, the message is not added to the corresponding label in gmail.

Folding@home on Xbox 360 under consideration (Engadget)

May 13th 2007 1:25PM What is the effect on power bills for those who run the client. Running a 200 watt device all the time could start to add up.

Dear Apple, why does Safari control my default browser? (

Nov 7th 2006 4:16PM You can also use the More Internet preference pane:

Engadget's relaunch giveaways: some Slingboxes (Engadget)

Sep 23rd 2006 1:45AM Stargate SG1

Engadget's relaunch giveaways: let's start with a Zune (Engadget)

Sep 23rd 2006 1:44AM Wonderful by India.Arie

BlackWidow website copier (Download Squad)

Sep 6th 2006 4:35PM When someone was using this tool to download content from my web site, without my permission, I used this mod_rewrite rule to block it.

RewriteCond %{http_USER_AGENT} ^blackwidow
RewriteRule /* - [F]

Biodiesel stickers, emblems and more stuff for the back of your car (Autoblog Green)

Sep 4th 2006 12:11AM You can make emblems that say anything that you want with letters from YourEmblem: