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How to fix your iTunes artwork (Download Squad)

Nov 30th 2006 7:27PM Along these lines:

Is it possible to find 'Album' title while just having the Song Title and Artist information.

I have thousands of mp3s that are from my pre-anal-retentive days (3+ yrs ago) when all I cared about was Song Title and Artist...

Now I cringe every time I open iTunes and see songs without Album Titles or Album Titles that say something like '**RiPm@sT3R**911**l33t!'.

Help Please!

I-O Data releases wiREVO Bluetooth headphones (Engadget)

Oct 9th 2006 11:32PM Does it bother anyone else that the only pics on the site for the product are a couple press shots. PLUS there aren't any detailed shots just the random pic or two scattered through out the site. The only pics that may come close to a detailed shot don;t even show the whole product. This seems really interesting, something I may purchase, but there is no way I'd buy something like this blind without more detailed full shots.

World's first specialty robot store opening in Japan (Engadget)

Aug 28th 2006 9:14AM Allow me to be the first write an overdone "robot overlord" post and get it out of the way.

I for one welcome our new xxxx xxxx xxxxx robot overlords!

PS - Thanks to the Engadet staff for refraining from a directly "overlord" themed post.

Sony launches mylo (Engadget)

Aug 8th 2006 6:28AM so basically this is really just a crappy psp with a keyboard? great.

its offical, if i buy this im going to need a manpurse, er, i mean european-carryall, to carry my laptop, cell, psp and mp3 player.

Another blurry Treo "Hollywood" shot, plus specs? (Engadget)

Jul 12th 2006 6:16PM Hmmm, do you think we could get the crew from CSI in here clean up the image...Maybe run some program only privy to CSI to get rid of the blur to see whats on the screen?