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Dear EU: Please quit whining about browsers already (Download Squad)

May 31st 2009 10:33AM *applause*

Thank you sir, I am not in the EU but i agree fully, The EU has made microsoft do some crazy shit in the past, XPn for example.

This dashboard sounds like 2 things,
i) stupid for a closed source opperating system (to be provided by the manufacturer, why should they have to deal with others release cycles),
ii) allot like a package manager for linux.

Yes i would like a package manager for windows, it would cut down on every app having their own updater running in the background. But the EU's reason for it is flawed and will be yet another arbitrary resource running in the background.

Odds are the EU will also ask Microsoft make it impossible to uninstall, so it will be a resource whore package manager that cannot be removed, and only deals with one type of application. (Giving users another reason to complain to Microsoft)

At least in windows 7 you can completely remove IE, I will also be honest it took me a while to do this because I liked how every tab had a preview in the task bar. So I am back to good old firefox.

Another point is that everyone who has a geeky/nerdy friend has already learned of the benefits of a different browser. Many still hold on to IE because of familiarity.

Latest iPhone beta firmware does full screen captures, saves web images (Engadget)

Apr 15th 2008 9:57AM You are neglecting this is beta software, I would suspect that this feature is really a limited debug tool, If a beta tester thinks something is not showing up the way it is suppose to then send a screen shot as opposed to trying to describe I.

I don't see much of a use for a feature like this and would not be surprised if it is removed from the final version.

Steve Jobs to deliver opening keynote at MacWorld 2008 (Engadget)

Dec 3rd 2007 11:44PM How exactly is this news? Just because you place a sarcastic remark at the beginning of the piece do not give journalist leeway from having to write an actual story.

Really one of the founders and high-ups of a company is going to speak at the opening event for his company. Does Bill get a news story every time he confirms his attendance to a Microsoft conference. How about with other companies?

This really makes me wonder if you have some sort of quota on the number of articles you want released a day. Frankly if this is the case. Save your integrity. Have less articles... the time you spend on not bullshitting you way into a "news story" you could actually increase the quality of story you put out.

Also people will respond that they are not journalists they are bloggers. Shame on you, that sort of mentality will just degrades the entire internet for everyone. Bloggers still have their names at the top of their pieces people still judge bloggers based on their editorials and reports of news stories. Just because anyone can blog doesn't mean you can show pride and attempt to report news, not what we assume wll happen anyway.

Now if Jobs said he wasn't doing this keynote now then you have a story. But until you have something to new to report you might as well save your bandwidth.

J. Lo brings latest album to Gresso flash drive (Engadget)

Nov 6th 2007 8:15AM Cool cool never heard of them before.

J. Lo brings latest album to Gresso flash drive (Engadget)

Nov 5th 2007 10:42AM Whats with the link to the white strips being the first?

It Implies that they are the first when i know that the Barenaked Ladies have been doing the same thing for over a 2 years now. Guess what they sell them for the same amount as the cd cost. None of this overcharging other bands have tried.

Plus on top of that if you go to their concerts you can pay 10 extra dollars and wait 10 minutes after the show and you can have the full concert on a usb stick to take home.

And i forgot to mention DRM free.

5G iPod mod trades the hard drive for CF storage (Engadget)

Aug 9th 2007 12:10PM Video playback and flash memory, you only get one on the nano.

I assume these are not hot swapable

iPhone not supported under 64-bit Windows XP or Vista -- oops (Engadget)

Jul 9th 2007 10:58PM Hey petarted i do believe the only on who mentioned anything about switching was first a "mac lifestylist" who suggested that everyone switch to mac.

and PC is an acronym for personal computer. guess what any mac falls under that category. this is one thing i have never really understood. if compair please us names of os you are comparing. People call then selfs name for a reason you should actually use the name given.

iPhone not supported under 64-bit Windows XP or Vista -- oops (Engadget)

Jul 9th 2007 10:34PM @ kev

MS lazy with legacy code, maybe. But the bottom line of this matter is that apple needs to write software for an OS not expect 2 different OS to operate the same way when they use different fundamental hardware.

More testing and development should have been done by apple to prevent a lack of support this big.

Microsoft busts out its own rolling laptop case? (Engadget)

Jul 9th 2007 10:03PM No these were full features, except for that key ring, it could not easily detach, making any keys attached effectively unusable. I have been told this is a problem with my key manufacturer, they didn't support the detachable key standard.

And i said nothing about flash drive, it was the right size for a 3.5 inch external hard drive. But the floppy disk slots could be used to hold the flash drive if you wish to break your EULA.

Microsoft busts out its own rolling laptop case? (Engadget)

Jul 8th 2007 9:30PM Hey.. nice that they are selling this, but i had it first, my dad went to a conference and got me a nice Microsoft laptop bag, it is nothing fancy but it did bear that mark of pride for fanboys,

it featured floppy disk pockets, cd pockets, pen holders, 3 full compartments, keyring, and a pocket that was properly sized for an external hard drive.

it was a little bloated with feature, i should have had the 12 inch edition because it was far too big, but with a little over clocking i have once ran it at 110% effectiveness,