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Amazon introduces Kindle eBook app for BlackBerry (Download Squad)

Feb 18th 2010 2:06PM BB 8330 not supported?... Sorry Amazon, still no digital purchases from me.

Farkie: media downloader and convertor for YouTube, MySpace and more (Download Squad)

May 26th 2009 2:26PM I read about it, I tested it, it failed miserably, I moved away.... end of story

Last Shot - Giant Hamster Mystery Animal! Tell Us What It Is! (Urlesque)

May 7th 2009 12:24AM uuuhm, it's a "Chig├╝ire" and it tastes delicious with mashed potatoes... I used to eat their meat on Holy Weeks, when you're not supposed to eat red meat.

However it's now kind of protected by many South American governments.

FYI: change your password, edit your profile, add yourself an avatar (Engadget)

Mar 26th 2008 9:31AM Take that Gawker media, and your stupid "Comments are not enabled for this account" policy.

Why Internet Explorer 8 might not pass the Acid2 test (Download Squad)

Mar 6th 2008 9:05AM I tried Acid2 in Firefox ( and the result was worse than your picture, tried IE7 and it was even worse.
Then tried Opera 9.24 (build 8816) and it looked just like your image.
I don't get it, are browsers supposed to show an undistorted happy face?

Microsoft's new Zunes go live (Engadget)

Dec 13th 2007 9:59AM I just bought an engraved Zune from Zune Originals and got my shipping confirmation. When I checked the fedex tracking information it says my Zune is being shipped directly from Zhuhai, China!!!!!?????

My order included free express shipping, so I think MS ran out of Statewide inventory and decided to start shipping them directly from the factory, no matter the shipping cost soared high, as the best way to comply with their customer satisfaction policy... way to go MS!

Engadget founder Peter Rojas's new digital music site RCRD LBL launches (Engadget)

Nov 15th 2007 1:07PM sht w brk t, t sffrd th ngdgt ffct.

Detroit '08 Preview: Kia names new SUV the Borrego (Autoblog)

Nov 7th 2007 10:44AM Borrego in Spanish means Lamb

Sprint gets official with HTC Touch: November 4 for $249.99 (Engadget)

Oct 17th 2007 10:05AM I think is about time to ditch my beloved Treo 700wx.

Sunday's Wal-Mart ad confirms $698 Dell specs (Engadget)

Jun 7th 2007 8:13AM I can't barely wait for their $399 deal for next Black Friday. It'll be a nice (and cheap) low-end machine suitable for my kids' room.