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Are positive stereotypes bad? (Gadling)

Sep 9th 2008 10:34PM I am Chinese and am only average at math (33/36 ACT Math, but ACT Math is easy). People are actually amazed that I am a senior in high school and only in Honors Precalc, which is slightly above average for Seniors. Otherwise, I follow the other positive Asian stereotypes: I study every night (except for Friday and Saturday, of course), have straight A's, and received a 34 on the ACT (my parents were mad i did not get a 36).

Rhein, I agree that I am pressured to take challenging classes and do well in them from both my peers, teachers, and especially my Asian parents. Still, I support these positive stereotypes because teachers automatically think i am bright.

One last thing I defy the negative Asian stereotype by being 6 ft 2, playing varsity football (no violin for me), and dating a preppy white girl.

San Francisco reader meetup details, note: location has changed! (Engadget)

Oct 8th 2007 5:41PM why must i live in Chicago!

Looking for a few good geeks (Download Squad)

Oct 4th 2007 10:07PM Is there an age requirement?

What to Tip in 77 Countries (Gadling)

Sep 15th 2007 9:57PM I think the tipping procedure at restaurants in China only applies for hotel restaurants. I noticed that majority of the locally owned restaurants will not accept tips. Once I left $5 on my table and walked out. The waiter ran out and told me I left $5.

The Best 8 Beverages in the World (Gadling)

Jul 26th 2007 9:10PM I love Pocari Sweat its so good. I buy a case every time i go to the Japanese Store near me.

500,000 iPhones sold so far -- but can Apple keep up? (Engadget)

Jul 2nd 2007 9:41AM A person I know who works at Foxconn has told me about 1.5 mil iPhones have already been produced and about 2 million will be built and shipped very soon.

'Layered-layered' materials promise longevous Li-ions (Engadget)

May 14th 2007 12:38PM There better be no big explosions since I live like 1/2 a mile from the labs.

Win a copy of Vista Ultimate (Download Squad)

Jan 30th 2007 7:16AM What no Vista on my tablet I just got yesterday. Hopefully, I win this copy of Vista.

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