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The Google Docs Divide (Download Squad)

Dec 22nd 2007 12:50PM I use both Google Docs and Microsoft Word.

Google Docs is the best option for making something that I will need to access in more locations than one.

Word is the best option for making something that needs special formatting.

I don't look at them as competitors, but as two different pieces of software that are useful for completely different things.

By the way, I think for the average user, Google Docs Excel equivalent is the same as or better than Office Excel.

IIS vs Apache, in pictures (Download Squad)

Feb 20th 2007 3:27PM I use IIS every day to manage more than 50 websites and a number of very complex web applications. I use it to serve ASP, ASP.NET, and PHP websites that link up with MySQL, MSSQL, and Oracle databases. I also have integrated a number of other third party tools, mostly heavy duty mapping applications, into IIS without a problem at all. I have a server running both IIS and Apache simultaneously, sharing requests. Again, there have been no problems with either one. I like how easy it is to use IIS and its GUI, which in this post has been mentioned as being a bad thing. I've either never seen any of the issues that have been mentioned or the few that have come up are so extremely insignificant that they don't really even matter. I've never had any problems with security on IIS either.
Finally, unless we have a really good idea of what is happening under the hood with IIS and also Apache, we can't conclude that one is written better than the other. The diagrams on this post, with their unreadable labels, don't allow us to conclude anything of value.