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OtherInbox: One mailbox to rule your junk mail (Download Squad)

Sep 10th 2008 3:51PM Yay, thank you DLS !

Mozilla brings Twitter, RSS, other messages to Firefox with Snowl (Download Squad)

Aug 7th 2008 4:59PM It would make wayyy more sense to me to have Snowl in Thunderbird rather than Firefox.

TB is already the place where I get my "messages" : mail, rss feeds & calendar reminders through Lightning. Not to mention that it already has that "Outlook-style 3-pane view".

Time Waster: SuperTuxKart: Mario Kart clone starring Tux the Penguin (Download Squad)

Jun 10th 2008 10:48AM Actually, even if SuperTuxKart is technically superior to Mario Kart 64 emulated, I find it a bit dull compared its more inventive and colourful inspiration.

Belgian newspaper group seeks $77 million from Google News (Download Squad)

May 29th 2008 2:49PM Reading belgian newspapers, i'm not surprised... they just don't get the Internetz

FaaRClock 1.0: Use an analog clock as your screensaver (Download Squad)

Mar 6th 2008 4:11AM For something more trekkish, see Polarclock !

Clear your browser cache with these one-click solutions (Download Squad)

Feb 2nd 2008 1:24PM I might be wrong, but doesn't CTRL-F5 clear the cache (on windows) ?
Now if you're not fond on keyboard shortcuts, that might indeed be convenient.

HDRwalls: stunning wallpaper for your computer or portable (Download Squad)

Feb 1st 2008 12:56PM I'd rather call it "kitsch" :p

Speak for yourself: Letters from Working Girls and Letters from Johns (Download Squad)

Jan 29th 2008 1:23PM Related headlines : "5 ways to pimp out your WordPress weblog"

Ahahah :p the suggestion engine is smart

Score an invite to the private beta of iubo (Download Squad)

Jan 18th 2008 2:49PM I'd give it a try too !