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What the hell happened to MSNBC? (AOL TV)

Jul 17th 2008 6:14PM The switch to digital only effects over the air broadcasts. There is no requirement for cable companies to change anything.

Talking travel with Patricia Schultz, author of "1000 Places to See" (plus book giveaway) (Gadling)

Jun 27th 2008 7:54PM I am going to have to go with China. I want to see the great wall and the many other historic sites around the country. I wish I had been able to visit before the three gorges dam was built.

Giveaway Tuesday: Stargate: Infinity - Complete Series (AOL TV)

May 20th 2008 3:20PM I think I am with a lot of other people in that I am a fan of Stargate but never saw this show. I own all of the TV seasons that have been released on DVD so far and I would like to add the animated show to the collection.

Giveaway Monday: 24 Season One Special Edition (AOL TV)

May 19th 2008 12:39PM I would enjoy the chance to go back and watch the first season over again without commercials on my schedule.

American Idol: Top 2 Revealed (AOL TV)

May 15th 2008 11:11AM On the one side I hope David Cook wins. But I also understand that second place is often better then first because your not forced into the AI contract so you can sign with someone else.

In the long run the winner will often end up worse off then the person who gets in second place.

Giveaway Monday: Young Indiana Jones, Volume 3 (AOL TV)

Apr 28th 2008 11:36AM I enjoyed Young Indiana Jones and was disappointed when it was canceled. I would like to own the box set so I could go back and watch the show again

Doctor Who: Partners In Crime (AOL TV)

Apr 26th 2008 8:11PM Just feel I should clear this one up "familiar face at the end which may or may not be the signal of the end of David Tennant's time in the role."

Its already been confirmed that David Tennant will stick around for a fifth season in 2010. Because he will be busy with a stage production with the Royal Shakespeare Company in 2009 there is only going to be three specials next year (I assume that does not include the Christmas special for this year).

Its nice seeing Doctor Who finally airing only a few weeks after it does in England. This episode was what kicked off the season three weeks ago. Last weeks was actually the Christmas special.

Giveaway Monday: Sam & Max: Freelance Police (AOL TV)

Mar 24th 2008 11:59AM I am a big fan of the games and never saw the show and would love a chance to own it and watch it.

Giveaway Monday: Family Guy - Blue Harvest (AOL TV)

Jan 18th 2008 10:49AM I have to say Blue Harvest is my favorite episode.

But beyond that I like the musical numbers which happen every once in a while. For example the AIDs song.

Hands flailing wildly with Toshiba's SpursEngine laptop (Engadget)

Jan 11th 2008 11:49AM Zeus the 8th has its fuse blown there is no way to turn it back on through software. The 7th SPE is used by the OS and the 6th can be taken at any time by the OS. It would not surprise me if Sony was able to scale back the OS so it would only use a single SPE and never need to use a second (I have not been paying enough attention to know if it happened or not). But the system effectively only has 7 SPE's.

The 360's GPU has something similar there is one set of 16 pipes disabled to improve yields.

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