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MacMix Promo to bring super deals for your Mac app fix (TUAW.com)

Jun 30th 2008 10:11AM
Forum members & the Macheist 'Directorate' have been doing some digging around for more information on this & the MacMixPromo promoters themselves even got involved


Mac 101: Three Dock tips (TUAW.com)

Sep 19th 2007 10:09AM when it comes to my dock, the most important thing is transparent dock (http://www.freerangemac.com/). its a MUST (caps to enthesize just how much of a must it is)

the dock just doesn't look right to me with that boarder around it

Apple paranoia in action (TUAW.com)

Sep 7th 2007 12:15PM this is getting stupid.

I come here to read apple news, reviews, tips, tricks, facts, etc

NOT to read people bitching because they didn't find a particular post blog worthy

as long as a post is apple related (which this, and every other post I have ever seen here is), then it has a place here at tuaw.

remember kids. this blog isn't here just to provide you with the apple info that your interested in. its here to provide everyone with all apple related news, big and small.

are we gonna start seeing this type of flaming when the next 'new apple store opens in . . . ' post drops?

i can see it now . . .

" i don't live in that City! why post about a store opening in a city that I don't live in?! your stupid! this post is rubbish! who ever posted it should be sacked!! worst post ever!1!!!1"

Apple paranoia in action (TUAW.com)

Sep 7th 2007 9:19AM post 17

+ 1

(except the "miffed at the price drop" bit)

TUAW Back-to-School Giveaway Day 13: an iPhone (TUAW.com)

Aug 29th 2007 12:04PM another giveaway I have no chance of winning because I don't live in one of them 50 states


no fair


TUAW Back-to-School Day 12: 80 GB iPod (TUAW.com)


stop with these U.S only givaways!!!!!

Microsoft Messenger for Mac 6.0.3 (TUAW.com)

Aug 21st 2007 4:30PM quack ;op

TUAW Back-to-School Giveaway Day Seven: White Apple Pen (TUAW.com)

Aug 21st 2007 6:16AM you know it really sucks that these giveaways arn't open to people outside the US

could you give me a good reason why please

TUAW Back-to-School Giveaway Day Six: 859 Miles... from Redmond (TUAW.com)

Aug 20th 2007 7:14AM Redmond

859 Miles and 180° from Shangri La

Adium 1.1 for Mac Released (Download Squad)

Aug 13th 2007 5:59AM you forgot to mention that this latest update is Tiger only.
i just updated on my work machine, which still runs Panther.

result. . . a dead duck.