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Ubuntu 11.04 Natty Narwhal - Unity replaces Gnome as default shell (Download Squad)

Oct 27th 2010 11:44AM What exactly is the difference between a differences of opinion
and a fork?

Isnt a fork when people have different opinion that a certain community and decide to set out on their own?
I know that Unity is to GNOME what Mageia is to Mandriva or LibreOffice to OO but  differences of opinion is EXACTLY why people fork things and go on their own.

Anyways... the GNOME shell is pretty meh and Unity is the same

MMA Roundtable: Will Fedor Ever Be a Major Star in the US? (MMA Fighting)

Nov 4th 2009 6:16PM I love your work Ariel and youre by far the best MMA interviewer on camera but your partner there is a total douchebag who spends all his free time on his little blog belittling anything that isnt UFC affiliated.
Every japanese, Strikeforce or other org is treated with disdain, with jabs and innuendos thrown in like confetti.

Asking him about Fedor is like asking Rosie Odonell about fellatio: dont like it, aint gonna talk good about it.

The MMA blogs are filled with smarmy types who feel that masking everything in humour will cover their lack of substance. Id rather read a Zac Arnold, you or your buddy Steve than any cagepotatoe and fightlinkers out there.

Always and constantly putting down any non-UFC entity is what Ben does best and his opinion has been tainted a long time ago.

I watch MMA online from all continents, I dont need some bias douche always harping how his 'precious' is better.

Microsoft 'indoctrinates' Best Buy workers with anti-Linux 'lies' (DailyFinance)

Sep 9th 2009 10:05AM It brings an interesting question: why do this anti-Linux indoctrination when they offer no Linux competition to Microsoft?

Isnt it strange that they spend so much effort on something which doenst even have a foothold?

Of course, if you see Steve Ballmer's graphs from his Feb2009 meeting with shareholders, you will see that the purple piece of the pie (Linux) is bigger than the blue one (Apple); Redmond believes there are more Linux based OS out there than Apple. You cant let your US centric views skew worldwide trends but I was born in Brazil and by the end of next year, the computer lab project will serve 50 million brazilian students and it is Linux based.

Btw, can you get a Zune to sync on a Mac?

Btw, mom and dad are in their seventies as are 6 other aunts and uncles and they are all on Linux now, its that easy.
(and priceless to me who doesnt have to spend hours decrappifying their Windows boxes anymore).

The webcentric uses people have of computers (ie: netbooks with no storage and using the cloud services) makes it that the OS is less and less important.
Facebook, Myspace, Gmail, Twitter, IM(like Meebo) makes the browser the 'thing'.

Scott Coker Talks Emelianenko-Rogers, M-1 Partnership and UFC Relationship (MMA Fighting)

Aug 31st 2009 1:47PM Always a pleasure to hear Coker talk, true gentlemen and I only hear good things about him from the kickboxing community these past 20 years.

I cant wait to see more of those DREAM fighters here and Jacare vs Lawler sounds very interesting.
And the prospect of a grand Mayhem entrance like he does in Japan sounds fun too.

As for the Ariel, the little mermaid IS the best reporter in MMA and the most entertaining. When you think online interviews in MMA, no one comes close.

Five Things We Learned From UFC 102 (MMA Fighting)

Aug 31st 2009 1:41PM So Soszinski is now a northwesterner.

Dude is polish, lived some in Canada and trains on the west coast and is used in UFC shows as the token canadian guy, you cant claim him as a local boy in Portland AND in Montreal, (where it makes little sense)

Shawn Tompkins' Lyoto Machida Game Plan: Learn Karate Timing, Wrestle (MMA Fighting)

Jun 1st 2009 8:38PM Best BS line of the month:

"That's all it is."

Right. Its so simple that none of the previous fighters and their camps didnt think of it.

Hmmm, wait... doesnt Rashad have a trainer who a few months ago was considered a genius?
(You mean Greg Jackson and company never thought of that timing thing?)

Now, we hear Tompkins here, there and everywhere.... (0-4 fighter in Canada)
Why? Because he coached in the IFL?
He works for the Old Man?
Seems like if you give people a choice between Greg Jackson and Tompkins, people would look at who theyve trained and what those people did under them.
Not saying he's not a good coach but seems he's been getting a lot of ink since that 'brazilian time' episode.

Yes, I think chest to chest with a BJJ black belt is a cant miss idea.
Not. Then again, if you cant beat a guy standing, the ONLY option is to take it to the ground so its not like he's coming up with another idea.

Richard above is right, there arent that many martial artists in the UFC (heck, we always hear about how such and such has a blue belt in BJJ. THat's the belt right after white in BJJ, not a middle of the pack belt like in judo) and even less those who have mastered more than one.

Machida is a karateka, who is a black belt in BJJ, he has competed in sumo as well as another martial art I believe.
So yeah, getting three regional fighters should work well on that little timing thing.

TJ above also makes a good point about Shotokan/Shotokai karate (it would be too long to explain the principles of having Kata bunkai lead to different levels of controlled kumite but you dont just pick it up like some fighters pick up a few judo moves like juji gatame or reverse ude-garami).
Kyokushin which is by far the most popular style in north america is different from shotokan (although there are many, many different variations of shotokan) and the differences between them are much more important in their approach to engaging an opponent than the simplistic "kyokushin requires strenuous training, conditioning and realistic contact when sparring."

As well, shotokan is often describred as the art of finishing your fight with one hit with out getting hit while kyokushin is the art of multiple consecutive hits that makes your opponent think twice before making his next attack.

its true that Kyokushin (which I think was created in the 50-60s from Shotokan and other sytles) uses more circular movements in the execution of techniques than the traditional styles of Karate that rely on simple linear motion and while that is already a huge difference, the mentality and philosophy of a shotokan fighter has to be understood to know what they will do.

The thing that I love the most about shotokan is how through emphasis on good forms and stances, it manages to generate the maximum amount of force physiologically speaking with little 'telegraphing'. Quick, compact, lethal.
That I think is the big difference.

Name me another MMA fighter whose base is in Shotokan?

Yes, its karate but theyre not all the same.

So good luck with that timing thing; it sounds very simple.

Tesla gets sued again, this time by a former employee (Engadget)

Jul 16th 2008 2:50PM Can you lazy bastards call them by their name, Tesla Motors?

Im pretty sure Nikola Tesla's employees are all dead by now.

OLPC, Microsoft working on dual-boot Windows / Linux system (Engadget)

Jan 9th 2008 8:35PM @Macona: Do you know what proprietary software really means?

One thing you will learn as you grow up is that its better to keep you mouth shut and have people think youre stupid than it is to open it and confirm it.