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Greener golf with a solar golf cart (Autoblog Green)

Jun 15th 2008 7:37PM @Peter E,

Battery capacities are measured in Amp-Hours, just like your electric bill is measured in KW Hours. (@115V, KW hours are really measuring your houses draw in amps). Current is instantaneous coulombs per second so Amps are not a good measure for long running loads.

Greener golf with a solar golf cart (Autoblog Green)

Jun 15th 2008 7:29PM This is pretty smart, there are alot of battery only golf carts out there, so it shouldn't be too challenging to roll-out solar fleets. And everyone loves playing golf on a nice sunny day!

Robert Reich wants to know: How much cash would you accept for some dirtier air? (Autoblog Green)

Jul 9th 2007 12:21PM True, it ends up at an auction, but the difference is how it started and thats why its a better way. It's widely accepted that the problem with the European carbon market is that there was too many credits handed out at the beginning. The emphasis there is "handed out", polluters didn't need to pay at the beginning to get their credits, they got credits by virtue of being polluters. Assuming the auction would start with a proper supply of credits and not too many, the auction would be a one time boon to the American taxpayer (and make this whole idea alot more palatable to the voting public) and the credits would go to the highest bidder. Therefore there is even an incentive to lower your output before the system went into place (so you wouldn't have to buy as many at the onset).

Digital FAIR USE bill introduced to amend DMCA (Engadget)

Feb 28th 2007 6:29PM Does anyone else find it hilarious that a congressman named Dolittle (Do-little) got elected to congress?

Who watches the watchers? Speed cameras in Scotland may be monitored by CCTV cams (Autoblog)

Jan 25th 2007 8:36PM In the immortal words of Homer Simpson:

"I dunno, the coast guard?"

Zephyr's HDMI port and new HANA scaler: up close and personal (Engadget)

Jan 6th 2007 12:47PM Tux seemed to enjoy the demo...

How to fix your iTunes artwork (Download Squad)

Dec 1st 2006 12:25PM Are you using Vista? Or is that XP with a theme. Either way, I like. Could you please let me know how you got windows to look like that. (Unless the procedure involves right clicking, I use a mac mouse...)

Engadget's relaunch giveaways: some Slingboxes (Engadget)

Sep 23rd 2006 6:19PM The west wing (reruns on Bravo and late night). Now I just need Bravo in HD for the re-runs in true HD or HD-DVD.