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BookSwim: just like the public library, but $24 per month (Download Squad)

May 16th 2007 4:22PM libraries are very good especially with interlibrary loans, but I find there might be two copies of some specialist books (read anything put out by O'Reilly) in the entire system with one or both stolen or on permanent hold. If it's not NYT best seller or a classic, I also find it hard to get, so for those niches and those that don't live near a big city to have many libraries in the interloan system I figure this isn't that bad an idea.

Nokia E90 hands-on... again (Engadget Mobile)

Mar 27th 2007 12:02PM Chop off the phone? That's absurd!! That's one of the best selling points about the communicator line, you can use it as a quick no nonsense 12 key phone when needed, and then open it up to do a host of other options when needed. When I had the 9500 the best thing ever was being able to organize my day, receive faxes, manage projects, then be able to close it, hand it to my mom and have her be able to call my brother if needed.

Try handing the MDA/8125 or any all touchscreen device (or to a lesser extent qwerty on the face device) to the average person on the street and see how long it takes them to figure out how to dial a number?

Not everything has to be thin and absurdly small... This isn't zoolander!!!

Video of LG's KE850: it's no poser (Engadget Mobile)

Jan 15th 2007 10:25AM 1.) I can't believe he went through that entire review without showing an on screen keypad!! With as popular as texting is world wide, that would be one of the MAJOR elements to it.

2.) I thought the design cues were carried out well through the entire phone, and this is probably going to be $600 w/o contract, so a better bargain (as this will probably also run Java games/apps).

3.) Looks like a definite prototype, there were some miscues in the software that can possibly be tweaked out. I liked it, personally, and I really like that there are call/end buttons (so I don't dial the number 4 like Mr. Jobs), and that the programs have a direct open / play key at the bottom to not allow for accidental double tapping

4.) Iphone definitely has the cool factor of the accelerometer and the sensor to turn off the touch screen while in use. I wonder if LG thought of that, or at least a hard key to lock the keypad whilst in the pocket.

Live in Florida? Are you a Mechanic? Come work for Mosler (Autoblog)

Dec 31st 2006 12:41PM They have been running ads in Grassroots Motorsports for months on end now. If you call up they quiz you on how much experience you have with carbon fibre and other things of a sports car nature, then if you know nothing they don't want to pick you up. If you do .. you get $10 - $11 to basically be a production line monkey.

I guess it would look good on a resume if that's the specialty you are heading towards, and anyone in the area that might be a mechanic could pick it up as a P/T position, but it's not as glamorous as it sounds.

BMW 1-series is coming. For real this time. Just don't ask when. (Autoblog)

Nov 22nd 2006 3:51PM "So all you want is the 330i (is the 325i too "base" for you?), 2 major option packages, and 2 options that are about as luxury (read: unnecessary) as they get this side of navigation AND you want it for the price of a Maxima.

Wishful thinking at it's best!"

Well it's not EXACTLY the same but you could get an '04 Ford Focus SVT (basically a sport package) Euro Edition (heated leather recaros, very nice interior) with HIDs for under 20K. It's not impossible for a similar sized BMW with some power to bein the the high 20 to low 30K area as a sports enthusiast, entry level, hatch.

Paris Motor Show: New MINI Coopers (Autoblog)

Sep 28th 2006 6:54PM this reminds me of Porsche design. Those that REALLY know the cars or stare at before after pics can tell differences, but a once over makes you think they are (as Clarkson likes to put it) "the laziest designers on planet earth"

Paris Motor Show: Peugeot 908 RC concept (Autoblog)

Sep 28th 2006 6:24PM I disliked the car in the first renderings, disliked the car in the video, but seeing the "live" pics of it...


although I like the initial sketches of the car a bit better. Same concept just not super huge, but this car has definately grown on me.

Welcome to Sexy Underwear Day (StyleList (Main))

Sep 15th 2006 11:27AM Well I don't know about underwear, but I always feel more confident when I wear a perfectly tailored suit. I am not saying that it' an on/off effect (where I a lowly Clark Kent before the suit, and then duh duh duh duh! I am Superman). I am saying that it helps to see something so nice fit and look so nice on me. I am sure that is what they were getting at with this piece. The sexiness still has to be there before the underwear, but wearing soething nice might definately make you feel more confident in bringing it out.

Ford of Europe spared the Way Forward (Autoblog)

Sep 15th 2006 11:18AM For those of you griping about Ford not bringing over European products, the Focus SVT was simply a Euro ST with a bigger but. It is the only Ford I have/ever will own a it handles like almost nothing else in its lineup.

They sold it at a premium, most everyone balked, so they stopped selling it. A small majority keep clamoring for European designs, but I don't think Ford sees the point in it after what happened with the SVT Focus. Granted, for its "street performance class" it was underpowered, the premium on it was well above a normal focus, and none of the dealers knew how to sell it (I specifically had to hunt mine out and constantly correct the salespeople during test drives). So its not just getting the cars (if they ever do) but changing the mindset of the company a well to let the public know WHY these cars are so much better than the Fords of old.

I hope the Saturn/Opel deal goes well, those cars look like good "upgrade" material.

Tuner Tuesdays: McLaren F1-inspired kit car for $24K (Autoblog)

Sep 13th 2006 12:31PM I actually really love the idea of kit cars. It gives the everyday joe the ability to have a unique looking car. Granted it has to be done right, and the cost cutting by doing this usually comes in practicality (the windows don't roll down) and interior (can't impress anyone with a track car interior), but as a fun weekend car to drive that wont break the bank I think it's a brilliant idea.

I like how everyone here immediately mentioned the fiero kit car and bashed it, but no one has mentioned the thousands of hot looking shelby cobra kit cars that are out there.

There is a great article in Kit Car magazine about the making of this vehicle. Basically the guy wanted his own good looking (to him) fast weekend car, so he built it. He got enough interest that he figured he could sell a couple. That's it. No illusions of toppling the supercar market. Just a guy that wanted something "cool" of his own.

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