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EU launches preliminary antitrust probe against Google (Engadget)

Feb 24th 2010 3:45AM @artemis360
JoaquĆ­n Almunia is the new Competition Commissioner, so I assume the inquiry came from his office; Nellie Kroes is now Commissioner for the Digital Agenda.

The Bill Day giveaway (part 1) - Toshiba Gigabeat T400 (Engadget)

Jun 28th 2008 5:00PM MS Paint, (mostly) untouched since Windows 1.0

The Bill Day giveaway (part 3) - Zune 80GB (black) (Engadget)

Jun 28th 2008 4:58PM Windows Mobile on any HTC-designed handset.

The Bill Day giveaway (part 2) - Office Ultimate 2007 (Engadget)

Jun 28th 2008 4:57PM Remote Desktop Client for Mac.

The Bill Day giveaway (part 4) - Windows Vista Ultimate (Engadget)

Jun 28th 2008 4:55PM Without doubt: Microsoft IntelliMouse Optical.

The Bill Day giveaway (part 4) - Windows Vista Ultimate (Engadget)

Jun 28th 2008 4:50PM Without doubt: Microsoft IntelliMouse Optical.

Red Zune 80 on its way to retail (Engadget)

Apr 26th 2008 10:42AM Want a cookie?

MIRA's H4V 'plugless plug-in hybrid' is surprisingly clever (Engadget)

Apr 25th 2008 4:09AM This is most certainly not a new concept. Replaceable batteries are the main idea behind Project Better Place -- the electric vehicle network to be deployed in Israel by 2011. Plans for Denmark have also been announced recently.

National Rube Goldberg Machine Contest of '08 makes us feel lazy (Engadget)

Apr 6th 2008 9:40AM YES! I still have the game disc stashed under my desk, but I'm not sure that I still have a computer that will play nicely with such a classic game ... ah, I am glad that I am not the only one with fond memories of TIM :-)