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Netflix grades ISPs on HD streaming performance, Charter and Comcast get top marks (Download Squad)

Jan 28th 2011 11:54PM Well at least Charter is good at something, I'm a few days away from dropping them for AT&T UVerse

Watch Oprah give Kinect to her entire audience ... and the hysteria that ensues (Joystiq)

Oct 19th 2010 9:07PM @Masker13

...I see what you did there...

30% of surveyed PS3 owners own more than 20 games, and other fun facts (Joystiq)

Sep 9th 2010 12:38PM @superfrog1993

Ya, I agree. I kind of regret buying it. At the time it seemed like a good idea, but after having it for a year, I realize I like the xbox way better. At least I can now try some of the PS3 exclusives that get so much hype.

30% of surveyed PS3 owners own more than 20 games, and other fun facts (Joystiq)

Sep 9th 2010 12:02PM Counting only my retail in box games:
PS3 games = 3
360 games = 45

Need For Speed: Hot Pursuit gameplay footage will get your heart racing (Joystiq)

Aug 18th 2010 7:56PM @spyker3292

I honestly don't understand why everyone thinks Burnout Paradise is the best when it comes to racing games.
I'm a huge racing game fan, I own most all the NFS games, all the PGR's, TDU, and Burnout. and besides PGR, Burnout is the one I got bored with the quickest (still have yet to finish it). Now don't get me wrong, NFS hasn't been good in a long time either, but I definitely wouldn't put Burnout in my top 3.

Facebook 'likes' may now make you vulnerable to spam (Download Squad)

Jul 26th 2010 4:43PM I like the way it works now, if you "like" something you'll then get info about it in your main news feed which is kind of nice. Like the other day I "liked" the tv show Dexter, and since then I've been getting news about the upcoming season in my main facebook news feed.

Is this not how it will continue to work?
If your saying in the future that stuff will be posted on my Wall instead of my news feed, that will get annoying.

HP partners with video conferencing firm Vidyo, drops hints at mobile applications (Engadget)

Jun 16th 2010 8:08PM Question....
Do many people use video conferencing?

I work for a 30k employees plus company, and all our meetings are audio only teleconference. Sometimes we'll use screen sharing apps, but why would we need to see each other?

Pinnacle Game Profiler: review and give-away (Download Squad)

May 19th 2010 2:31PM Nice.
I have a game I've been trying to get to work with my 360 Controller.

MakeMKV offers simple cross-platform Blu-Ray ripping (Download Squad)

Mar 23rd 2010 8:10AM Then what's the easiest way to play back MKV's on my 360?
I used to rip my movies to AVI for easy playback.