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Facebook users hate the redesign, but does it matter? (Download Squad)

Mar 21st 2009 10:57PM Well the thing is that it worked just fine with the old version, I had the right people "More about"'d and "Less About"'d but now I have to go through and make up groups >.< and get the permission set up.

It's just more effort than I want to make.

Facebook users hate the redesign, but does it matter? (Download Squad)

Mar 21st 2009 8:50PM I find that now, information I used to see doesn't show up anymore,

Like one of my friends uploaded an album, and another commented on it,

The comments didn't show up anywhere on my feed, and I actually saw the comments just by chance looking at their walls.

The one thing I hate about Linux (Download Squad)

Oct 5th 2008 3:06PM Now I'm not Linux expert and am still learning with setting up my first server, but somehow somewhere I read that it's better to use Aptitude because it handles uninstalls well, ie it'll get rid of everything.
Personally I still use Apt-get
It's sorta like the switching from windows to linux thing, everyone uses Windows(Apt-get) even though Linux(aptitude) is better.

Tiny XP Rev 09: Windows XP with cuise control (Download Squad)

Jun 24th 2008 5:31PM That's the best Translation I've ever heard :P

Vancouver (BC) Apple Store opening May 24 (

May 20th 2008 8:43PM Huzzah.

But I presume no iPhones in this one(for now :/ )

I'll probably go to the opening, see if I can score some free swag.

HydraBrowser: Is it possible to have too many browser tools? (Download Squad)

Apr 14th 2008 10:22PM Anyone else see the striking resemblance to Office 07...?(Mainly Word, but that's all i use so don't knwo about the rest of em)

Vancouver Apple Store closer than ever (

Nov 30th 2007 10:58AM Ok, Well I live in Vancouver, and I'd like to say that there are actually quite a few Apple stores out here(granted, not ACUAL apple stores, just regular computer stores that tend to sell only apple...) so yeah, but I guess it'd be nice to see how the official stores look :)

SeeToo: Broadcast yourself. To one other person. (Download Squad)

Nov 21st 2007 7:37PM Hey a couple years ago, on some blog(I THINK it was Download Squad(might've been Engadget) there was some sort of app that lets people watch/sync DVD's over the net(provided both clients have a copy of the dvd) and have a chat type thing between em, anyone remember/know what this app's called?

I know it's possible to upload a dvd to this and share it like that, but uploading a 700MB file? that'd take like 2 hours :/

Back on topic, I find this a smart idea, as some people don;t know, youtube actually has a service similar to this(although without video syncing) in the Labs/Beta section there's a live chat type video viewing system.

Commenters: learn how to change your Engadget password, edit your profile (Engadget)

Nov 11th 2007 8:01PM Huh, test, wha? I'm not testing, this as a totally serious comment which i am now going to use to change my password, see, it's no test, it's an action :)

Wii clone being "played" caught on video (Engadget)

Nov 8th 2007 5:50PM Anyone else feel like the video's incomplete, aka it cut off just when the good games are starting(I wanna watch the ddr knockoff thing :) )