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Unpleasant Horse rejected by Apple, 4th & Battery appealing (Joystiq)

Apr 9th 2011 8:06PM Just censor the graphic cartoon violence and then leak an 'easter-egg', appropriately at easter time, that removes the censorship.

Multi-network IM app Meebo now available for Blackberry (Download Squad)

Sep 21st 2010 12:06PM This app isn't quite ready for prime-time.

Verizon switching to AT&T-style limited data plans later this month? (Engadget)

Jul 20th 2010 9:27PM They want the caps in place because I'm sure they don't like the direction net-neutrality is headed.

Switched On: Kin's seven deadly sins (Engadget)

Jul 5th 2010 9:19PM you also forget that when Microsoft announced the Kin, even Engadget's response was "why bother?"

It was doomed from the start.

Microsoft Kin is dead (Engadget)

Jun 30th 2010 7:27PM people actually wanted the Courier, and they cancelled it, saying it was an experiment. no one wanted the Kin and it went into production.

did microsoft learn anything here? probably not.

Bloomberg: Hulu coming to PlayStation network 'soon' (Engadget)

Jun 24th 2010 11:24PM net neutrality laws should be written so that services such as hulu, shouldn't be allowed to discriminate between web browsers. Why charge to be shown on TV via a gaming console? I can connect my computer to the TV just as well. It's stupid, and anyone who pays for it is an idiot.

Microsoft: Windows Phone 7 not planned to hit tablets, Courier was always a concept (Engadget)

Jun 2nd 2010 10:48AM I look at it this way...

public reaction to the courier - hell yeah
public reaction to their kin phone - meh

which one do they manufacture? the meh phone

Fox Mobile launches Bitbop beta, a Hulu for your phone (Engadget)

May 27th 2010 12:26PM Assuming BitBop reads this - Why is the 8530 Curve not supported? It's essentially the 8900, which is, but without the crappy trac-ball.

Lower Merion, PA school district denouement nears: report denies spying charges (Engadget)

May 6th 2010 2:22PM "an attorney hired by the school district says..."

And what does the FBI and local law enforcement say? That report was an internal investigation commissioned by the school district, and of course is going to show them in as positive a light as possible.