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Windows 7 hands on - Impressive at every turn (Download Squad)

Nov 2nd 2008 1:20AM The up arrow isn't needed. Just click on the folder (breadcrumb) you want to go to in the location can go up as many levels as you like in one click. The up arrow keyboard shortcut is also still there, I believe, but it's been a while since I've used Windows...

Vista users in Swedish community can't get online (Engadget)

Sep 2nd 2007 11:22PM This is generally caused by firewalls that are filtering packets that have the DHCP broadcast flag on. Vista turns this flag on (as allowed by the spec), while XP by default has it off. You can turn it back off in Vista either through the registry or by having the admins configure their firewalls correctly.

Amazon Web Services reaches 220,000 developers (Download Squad)

Feb 3rd 2007 4:19AM SmugMug is an example of a relatively large website that uses S3.